Fleshlight Turbo and Riley Reid Review

Fleshlight Turbo and Riley Reid Review

NSFW Warning: This story may contain links to and descriptions or images of explicit sexual acts.

For us guys, there is a growing market for sex toys. These are getting more advanced and much more pleasurable. One such company is the infamouse Fleshlight, these guys are the cornerstone of the adult toy market and still breaking walls with new advances. Two such advances are the toys modelled on the porn stars we watch when using them, and the Turbo which offers a realistic oral expericne. So I decided to check out both of these.

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition

The first thing that will stand out about the Turno Ignition is the design. It’s a big jump for the classic Fleshlight design, and looks more sci-fi then normal. The material itself isn’t very skin like and after its been washed can get very sticky the touch. The Blue Ice version I get has a transparent case, which adds another dimension to it, and especially if this is a couple experience.

The design difference can be seen in opening, as this is actually made of three different stages. The first two are reatvily thing and the third stage is where the textured parts start.I would suggest not to just got straight into the 3rd stage, but play with the first and second as these are meant to feel like a mouth. The first is the lips, second is the tounge and the third is the throat. But there is no descriptive word for the feeling of going right into the third layer.

Like other Fleshlights the cap on the end can be screwed or unscrewed to allow for more of less suction. I found it best for me to start off with no cap at all, then slowly start screwing back on, increasing the suction. This allows for a lot more creative ways to jerk off, as I have not used the Turbo the same way twice.

All in all, I think the Turbo Ignition is definitely worth a purchase, and is a different feel to the standard Fleshlights. This is now in my reglaur rotation, and I do look forward to using it now.


Utopia Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

I am a hude fan of Riley Reid and looked forward to trying out her Fleshlight. Called the Utopia, it features four evenly spaced chambers, going from tight to loose. Each chamber has a different texture which is not something I have expericned before with a Fleshlight.

The first chamber contains three cross-ribs, creating a ribbed effect. In the second chamber there are soft bumps in rings, which feel really nice. Before the third chamber there is a very tight opening which was a suprise for me. This leads into the main chamber, which are spirals of bumps in a spiral shape.

One phrase I think about when using this is pure sexual satisfaction! This Fleshlight feels exactly like the real thing. The difference chambers offered the most unique feeling I have ever had with a toy. I have found that I don’t need that much lube, compared to other toys, and the overall feeling is great.

The Utopia design featuring big number bumps and ribs, all work together to provide an amazing feeling. Cleaning is a breeze and the chambers allow for water to runstraight through each chamber easily.




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