How to get the cheapest drone ever on DrakeMall?

How to get the cheapest drone ever on DrakeMall?

How to get the cheapest drone ever on DrakeMall?

In your student life, you might use to wait eagerly to get your favorite product as a gift on your birthday or on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Later when you enter the professional life and the responsibilities surround you, working extremely hard round-the-clock is the only option to make some extra bucks to spend on your desires. What if you somebody tells you that you can get your favorite product for almost free? Well! The feeling of delight and ecstasy of that moment is incomparable. Good news is that an e-commerce service, named as DrakeMall, does exist from where you can win fantastic gadgets and other products in the cheapest price possible.

If you are into photography and video making then it is quite obvious that you require the services of a WiFi Drone quite often. You can get WiFi Drone for $2 on Does it sound unbelievable? Well! It might seem too good to be true but it is a completely authentic and genuine chance to win anEACHINE E58 drone for almost free.

Overview of Functionality of DrakeMall

Simplicity is the hallmark of the DrakeMall website and yet, it completely enchants the visitors with its amazing user interface.

You require registering yourself on the website for which a ‘Sign-Up’ button is present. Drake mall provides you an alternative to login with Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook as well. After logging in, you will get to see a list of cases containing different items in them. Each case belongs to a particular category and hosts items belonging to the same category.

For investing in a virtual case, you require adding funds to your DrakeMall Wallet. There is an option of ‘Add Funds’ through which you can put in some bucks in your wallet through any standard mode of payment like credit card (Visa/MasterCard) and PayPal. You can buy DrakeMall gift cards to add money into your DrakeMall Wallet account.

Once the funds are in place, all you require doing is to buy the desired case and, similarly to a casino, you will get a limited number of spins for trying our luck on the various products that are present in the case. Don’t worry! DrakeMall is an e-commerce website which lives on customer-centric principles. Hence, going empty-handed is not an option. You will, indeed, win a product from the opened case. Thus, DrakeMall presents its customers with a win-win situation.

EACHINE E58 Drone – A Short Review

The EACHINE E58 Drone is fully capable of taking beautiful and mesmerizing shots from great heights with its 2 MP Wide Angle Camera.

It has four propellers which aid and assist it to get up in the air. The great thing about this quadcopter is that you can control it via the controller as well as through its Android application from your mobile/tablet.  The drone itself puts out a WiFi signal to which you can connect from your smartphone and thereafter utilize the JY UFO application to control the drone. It comes with a SD Card slot as well for recording footage.

The EACHINE E58 drone is capable to do a complete flip in the air. All you need to do is to tap on 360 roll/emergency stop button from the controller. Moreover, this drone is easy on storage part as it is foldable. Blade protectors for corners are available with this drone.

The market price of this EACHINE E58 Drone is $110. However, on DrakeMall you can get it at a price as low as $1.99 making it the cheapest drone available in the market.

How You Can Get the EACHINE E58 Drone on DrakeMall?

Though you can buy the EACHINE E58 Drone by paying the market price of $110 as well, however, the beauty lies in winning this mini-drone at best price which, if you have luck on your side, can go as low as $2 on DrakeMall.

  • To get a chance to win a drone from EACHINE on DrakeMall, you require opening a Photo Case ($19.99) or Android Case ($14.99) or Toy Case ($1.99). Each of these cases, along with several other amazing products, have the Wi-Fi Drone as well.
  • If you choose to open the Photo Case, along with the cheap RC drone, you stand a chance to win 16 other items including a Telescope, Photo Printer, Wi-Fi IP Camera, Sony Play Station Camera, Professional Binoculars, Phone Camera Lenses and much more.
  • If you choose to open the Android Case, along with the drone, you stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Car Charger, Waterproof Speakers as well as Bluetooth Speakers.
  • On opening the Toy Case, you stand a chance to win a Sony PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS XL, RC Car, LEGO Technic Car,and even a VR Headset.
  • So, choose the case which you want to open and tap on ‘Open Case’ to view the products available in the case.
  • ‘Test Spin’ facility is also available so as to make you familiar with the process.
  • Once you are readyto tap on ‘Open Case’ again and you will get an exact number of spins to test your luck.

I Couldn’t Win the Wi-Fi Drone! Has my money gone to waste?

  • Well! It is, definitely, sad that you weren’t able to win the drone in the number of spins that you had with you. However, there is, absolutely, no reason to feel gloomy about it.
  • As mentioned above, it is, certain, that you will win something. The product which you won will list itself under the ‘Products’ section of your profile.
  • DrakeMall, as said in the beginning, is entirely customer-centric and work towards creating a great experience for each and every customer trying their luck on DrakeMall. You can actually exchange the item which you have won in exchange for another item of the same value.
  • Moreover, DrakeMall also allows you to sell the item for credits which will come in your DrakeMall Wallet. You can utilize the credits to open the same case again or go for any other case. Hence, it is always a win-win situation for the customer on DrakeMall.

Hurray! I got the Wi-Fi Drone! What is the Delivery Request Process?

  • Under the ‘General’ section of your profile, you require entering and saving your delivery address.
  • Next, under ‘Products’ section you require tapping on ‘Delivery’ against the Wi-Fi Drone that you have won for under $2.
  • Please go through the terms and conditions and accept the same. Tap on ‘Confirm.’
  • A delivery fee is charged which comes in between 5 to 20 credits. The delivery fee levied is based on the dimensions of the item which you have won. Please note that if you are requesting for international delivery, customs duties are for you to bear.
  • Delivery of the product is, usually, complete in 10 to 45 days depending upon your delivery location.
  • Don’t worry whether delivery is possible at your location or not. If you have got a post office in your location then DrakeMall will deliver the product at your address.

Final Words

DrakeMall is an extremely interesting e-commerce concept. Not only Wi-Fi drone you can get a lot of fantastic gadgets and other products at a price drastically lower than the market price. DrakeMall has got all the payment methods. Even DrakeMall PayPal account exists. Don’t wait now! Navigate to DrakeMall and check out the amazing cases and the products present in them.

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