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If you’ve read any of my previous Android game reviews, you’ll know I prefer the more simpler style. Not being a massive fan of on-screen controls and only in short bursts, I like to grab and go with titles like Crossy Road.

An Amazon App Store exclusive (this is the first for DroidHorizon, if I’m correct.) The name of game rather speaks for it’s self here. You have to cross a few roads and get as far as you can to beat your high score, it’s an endless runner.. Your character lives in a cubed world a’la Minecraft. Get passed the obstacles be it roads, rivers or train tracks. Avoid the cars, falling into water and obviously very fast trains.



You’ll be familiar with the style of game and the setting from the off, controls couldn’t be simpler either. Forward, back, left and right. All done with a tap. Your 91 year old grandmother could play this, if her reactions and hazard perception were still good.

Crossy Road is cute, fun and entertaining but I want to see how well my friends are doing too. Being an Amazon exclusive there’s no Google Play Games integration, Play Circle is Amazon’s take on this feature, they want users to use their service but that isn’t going to happen for me anyway.

In App Purchases are present (so please be aware if you let your kids play) to change your character, be it a cute little bunny wabbit, a chicken or a big raging bull. There’s also an in-game currency that you can spend on a slot machine. Prizes are more coins, new characters etc etc. All very simple and sometimes that’s a good thing. Would I recommend downloading Crossy Road? Yes. Will you still be playing Crossy Road in a months time? Probably not but we didn’t think Flappy Bird would be as popular as it was/ is either.





(A word of advice. Avoid the rubbish clones on Google Play and download directly from the Amazon link below for free)



Update 11th January 2015

Now available on Google Play Store with the features we wanted. See how your friends are getting on with Play Games Services. Download below;

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