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main Everything about Fillable PDF Forms

Fillable pdf forms are a modern digital solution that help improve automating business administration. They integrate branded templates for nearly every need or want; thus speeding up the paperwork management. With the help of pdf forms, one can automate a wide array of day-to-day tasks, from a simple balance sheet template to a standard resignation letter. 

For example,fillable business form templates are a popular pdf solution and they are offered for free in Lumin PDF.

Free Business Form Templates Online


  1. Loan contract – this is one of the most popular fillable pdf forms which keeps your business or personal interests secure when making a loan to a third party. It outlines crucial information, such as the amount of the loan, the date, and contact details of the parties.


  1. Offer letter template – a business type pdf forms that specifies the main employment details (name and surname of the candidate, position, starting date, duration, salary, etc.) and significantly speeds up the hiring process.


  1. “To whom it may concern” letter – one of the free business form templates online that will help with preparing letters for the general public or an unknown recipient. It can be used in many situations, such as a recommendation letter from a former or current employee addressed on behalf of a prospective future employer.


  1. Ticket template – this easily modifiable pass has a universal application for any kind of corporate or cultural event. It outlines crucial details such as the name, the date, the venue, the price, the time, and the program. It’s simple, but one of the most in-demand pdf forms!


  1. Income statement template – one of the most requested business form templates which sums up the earnings for a specific period of time. There are customizable fields for indicating the initial inventory, the amount of the sold items, the total revenues, etc.


  1. Purchase order template – a type of sample pdf form templates that justifies expenses in the accounting system providing clear proof of acquired goods or services. This simple PO form can be used for specifying the vendor, the shipping address, quantity and price of the acquired goods.


  1. Scholarship thank you letter – many universities and other educational organizations have the need to send out a great number of scholarship letters. By using this type of pdf forms, they can enter a beautiful , positive message, combined with all other details such as the amount and the duration of the scholarship.


  1. Employee disciplinary action form – one of the free business form templates which is used for occasions when an employee’s performance breaches certain company’s policies, e.g. coming late or behaving disrespectfully to others. This form can be used to keep track of any given warning, suspension, or termination.


  1. Letter of intent – quite often there is a need to have a written confirmation of the interest shown towards taking up a certain activity or getting involved in a new business relationship. It is much faster to use this letter of intent template than to fill pdf forms from scratch.


  1. Simple balance sheet template – any accountant’s fundamental document that sums up the total assets and liabilities for a specific period of time. The template has also advanced features such as inventory, division into short/long term assets, as well as other features.


  1. Two weeks notice resignation letter – the standard letter will make any resignation formal, smooth, with no risk of writing something unnecessary. There are fields for the termination data, justification, etc.


  1. Rental application form – another popular sample pdf form template that  outlines the lessor and lessee’s contact information as well as the property details such as address, rental cost, duration of stay, and any specific terms such as the option of keeping pets.


  1. Medical records request form – one of the pdf form templates that formally addresses hospitals, clinics, or other medical institutions and provides all the standard fields for officially requesting the medical records.


  1. Project proposal template – one of the free business form templates that offers a detailed outline of a newly proposed project with all the related costs, duration, and expected deliverables. This standard proposal form provides a brief summary of the project for an effective pitching of the idea.


  1. NDA agreement – one of the most vital  pdf templates is dedicated to NDA agreements that secure any data-sensitive transactions (pharmacy, IT, engineering, arts) from any type misuse by its employees. Sometimes a job interview process is subject to prior signing of such an agreement.


Wrapping up – Fillable Forms Pdf


We have described just a few of the free business form templates available, but these documents have almost universal applications. If you have never used pdf form templates, the time has come to begin! It costs nothing and the impact on productivity is tremendous. It takes much less time to use these pdf templates than to look up how to fill out pdf forms.

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