Hootie for Twitter – Review

Hootie for Twitter – Review



Hootie for Twitter – Review

Hootie is a new twitter client that’s fought against the recent heavy restrictions Twitter have been adding to their api’s. This is still a fresh app, and does need some work. One of the big features with this app is the interface, there is a clear focus on user and inline images as well as supplying links to draw you through the timeline. The main interface is simple, you get supplied a time-line view, with the ability to swipe to the left to change the current view. It has a very basic holo feel with a dark grey and red colour tone. It’s easy to compare this to Falcon Pro, as they’ve recently updated the interface and colour scheme and have almost set the bar for these kinds of apps.

Scrolling through the timeline feels very smooth and has a great stretching effect when you go through it quickly. Names and links are highlighted in red, which makes it very easy to red when scrolling through, images are also large and clear. Tapping onto tweets expands reply, retweet, favorite, share and info buttons. When you tap the info button you get a panel with expanded information, any pictures in the tweet are displayed in full view and options now in the action bar to DM, retweet and reply to the selected user. This clean and simple layout is throughout the site, including on your own profile, where all the information is laid out clearly.

Screenshot_2013-06-19-12-06-29 Screenshot_2013-06-19-12-07-31 Screenshot_2013-06-19-12-07-42

The top bar navigation allows you to refresh or compose a tweet, no matter which screen your on. But this is where the functionality ends, there’s  no settings menu to control refresh intervals, notifications, text size, layout, theme or anything of the sort. Now for some this may be a deal breaker, but for a lot of people with simple needs, this a fully functioning Twitter client. Most people just need a clean and clear interface and the ability to read, retweet and mention, this app offers those abilities and it does it well. For the rest of us, I suggest keeping an eye on the development for this app. Its going in the right direction, but personally Falcon Pro is always going to be my go to Twitter client.

Download the app below:


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