Maluuba Review

Maluuba Review

With the recent launch of the iPhone 5,  Apple added a more advanced version of their virtual assistant Siri. In the Android world Google Now was introduced with Jelly Bean and still is  the best for its reliability, accurate answers and speed. But one app doing the rounds is Maluuba which seems to top both Siri and Google Now.

Maluuba is a new voice activated virtual assistant that uses a metro style interface (A favourite of mine) and is packed full of more features then you can shake a stick at. This app is in my opinion a serious competitor to Siri and/or Google Now. It’s efficient and easy to use, with its voice recognition system working with different accents and languages. Maluuba allows you to do just about anything, like plan an entire day to making voice calls or sending text messages using your voice. It’s included with the app and highly convenient to use.

Maluuba is able to give directions, suggest movies and schedule calender events, as well as update your social apps including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. From the main screen you swipe right to see your calender and plan your day or left to explore the list of features. The makers of this app couldn’t make it any more simple than that. You can even use it to play music or a playlist based on genre. If your stuck for things to do with it  there is also a very well designed help screen that will give you an overview of all functions. The only downside like with most of these apps is that some of the features only work in North America. The developer has stated there are plans for adding a preferences screen, so that it’s more intuitive, and also a widget in future version.

For those of us ICS people, this is a great stepping stone before the big jump to JellyBean and Google Now. As always the play store is included in this post, Link.


Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.


  1. What does it so that Google now doesn’t already so.. Treated it and it was a huge failure

    • Not everyone has Google Now though.

  2. Not everyone has Jelly Bean. This is only an alternative.


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