MOS Magnetic Organisation Solutions Review

MOS Magnetic Organisation Solutions Review

MOS have come up with some genius ideas to help organise what for me is normally a messy desk. They have sent me a small array of what they have to offer, and it has made my life a bit easier.

MOS Spring Micro USB Cable

A constant problem I have when using usb cables, is over time, they start to fray and bend at either end. This is normally due to the various positions I use them in to charge my large array of tech devices.

MOS have come up with a fantastic solution to this issue, their Spring Micro USB Cable. They have made three major changes to the average USB cable:

  • Anodized Aluminum Housing – Which offers a scratch resistant surface, minimal weight, premium look and feel, laser-engraved logos and tough protective housing.
  • Carbon Blackened Steel Spring – Which adds strain relief, when trying to fit the cable into an awkward position.
  • Woven Exoskeleton™ Jacket – Which is a proprietary woven jacket offering maximum protection, while still offering maximum flexibility

Data transfer is on par with any other cable I have, it also charges my phone and batteries at the same rate as even the stock devices cable. I have been using these for over a month, and I can’t now go back to normal cables. They are under $20 for 3ft of cable, but I have no idea when I will need to replace them. They feel like they will outlive me, and will be used to charge my childrens gadgets.

20151201_074820 copy20151201_075029 copy

MOS Kick

I have never used a phone mount, and thought it was built with men in mind. But MOS have come up with a phone stand, I think built for men. It’s simplicity is a great  feature, as it is a stand for you phone, and isn’t too big and even comes with a clip to be carried around easier.

The MOS Kick offers:

  • All-Metal Construction – The stand is entirely mental, making it incredibly durable and also nice to look at.
  • Tripod Mount – The MOS Kick also has a 1/4” threaded hole so you can use it with any standard tripod.
  • High Durometer Silicone  – There are two silicone pads to slide your phone between, meaning there is no chance of scratches my device.
  • Extra Tools – Apart from being a cool phone stand, the MOS Kick also includes a bottle opener and a flat head screwdriver.

This is great for me to carry around when out and about. As I like to be able to see my phone, if I’m working on someone else’s computer. It’s also good to have a couple of tools with me, especially a bottle opener!

At only $25, this is a really cool stand to have around if you need it. Including a bottle opener and flat head screwdriver means you are always on hand when there is a bottle that needs opening or a screw that needs tightening.

20151201_074945 copykicktile1

MOS Magnetic Organization System

At the moment I have to find a spare USB cable, by pulling the end one by one until I find a free one. Now thanks to the MOS I have a central hub, where my MOS cables can hang out, and even my headphones.

It features an AirStick base which means on a desk it will stay in the same place and can’t be budged. It also means I can be put at a vertical angle, and still not fall. It’s very not-in your face, its a matte black, and just fades into the background.

Coming in under $20, this is a great little device to have around. I have even gotten another one for home, to hang my keys off.

20151201_074858 copy20151201_074806 copy

I found all the offering from MOS quite brilliant. They aren’t going to break the bank, and the cables alone feel like a worthy investment.



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