RBS 6Nations – App Review

RBS 6Nations – App Review

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Developer’s description 6 Nations 2014;

This new official app is designed as the ultimate mobile RBS 6 Nations fan experience for the world’s greatest annual international rugby Championship. If you can’t watch the games live in the stadium or on your TV screen, this is as close to being there as you can get.
This FREE app provides fans with news, stats, video highlights, up-to-the-minute scores and social integration through Twitter during the RBS 6 Nations championship.
With kick off happening this Saturday (1st February 2014) the official RBS 6 Nations application offers a vast source of content for the biggest Rugby Union event in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m aware most of our readers won’t follow the matches but I’ve read and interacted on numerous app reviews of NFL, NHL & MLB. I can’t really say I’m a massive fan of these sports, but I’m a sports fan.  You’ll find up-to-date news on the build ups and likely a live news feed when the tournament starts. (Preview isn’t available just yet) You’ll see match and player analysis, where the head to heads will take place, up-to-date team news etc etc etc. Your one stop shop for all the 6 Nation info you’ll need. 

Screenshot#1 Screenshot#2



Screenshot#3 Screenshot#4


The RBS 6 Nations app also offers a way to show a Twitter feed inside. I haven’t shared this tab in the screen shots, this feature will be completely up to yourself. (Have a read of the disclaimer first and only use your Twitter account if you’re comfortable with doing so. You may see content that will offend you or be inappropriate or deceptive.) I’d assume that it’s a followed hashtag feed or something similar but the development team have issued a very common disclaimer.

Free with no adverts, I’d be happy to recommend downloading this app if you like the event or even just like sports and are mildly interested in Rugby Union.


Download RBS 6Nations below;

Google Play



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