4 Steps to Boosting User Experience on Your Website

Designing a successful website is complicated, but you can break the process down to specific goals and focus on one at a time. Out of these, user experience should be a major priority, especially if you hope for lots of conversions. Your aim in this department is to ensure visitors will be able to navigate the domain easily, as well as to prevent disruptions. A careful design and choice of tools ...[Read More]

4 Tips to fixing your electronics

  Owning electronics can be quite a privilege but also a hassle when they malfunction or break. The worst is when you are working on a project or in the middle of something and your electronic item stops working all together. After making sure that the item is charged completely or replacing the batteries, to no avail, you will need to try to fix the item or take it to a repair shop. Taking y...[Read More]

4 Apps That Will Help You Run A Better Business

The contemporary world has blessed us with many inventions including smartphones and applications. Therefore, if you are looking to increase your earning potential or run a better business, you should use productive applications for more efficiency. If you are like us and have a tough time being productive, you will need productivity apps to help you reach your goals. We can assure you that you wo...[Read More]

4 Great Reasons to Use Mobile Event Apps

Mobile event apps are changing the way organizations host important events. These mobile apps take advantage of all the benefits the latest mobile technologies offer modern businesses. Below are some of the main reasons you should seriously consider investing in a mobile event app. 1.Better Organization and Control Almost everyone who attends an event these days has a smartphone. It is much easier...[Read More]

EasyAcc 4-port USB Power Strip Review

Welcome back guys to another review from myself and droid horizon this time we’re looking at the EasyAcc 4-Port USB Power Strip. First off have a look around your home or think if your reading this while out and about, now think about your power supplies, your double sockets, now think how many of your devices use up those sockets, mobile phones (usually at least 2), tablets maybe other port...[Read More]

So long, so long and thanks Phones4u

So long, so long and thanks Phones4u Following the unexpected decision of EE and Vodafone to withdraw supply from Phones4U , the future for Phones4U seems bleak. The shops wont be opening on the Monday, and the website is closed. Phones4U employs almost 6,000 people, in 550 standalone stores. These will all be closed until the administrators decide on whether the business can reopen for trading. T...[Read More]

Guns 4 Hire, Review

There are an estimated SEVEN BILLION people on Earth, a HUNDRED MILLION black market weapons, TEN MILLION bad guys, and against it all… FOUR ass-kicking, money-hungry mercs! Command the toughest squad in the world while taking on crime lords and corrupt dictators in this ruthless bullet-fest! When no one else can help, it’s time to call in… GUNS 4 HIRE!! GET IN. WRECK IT. GET PAI...[Read More]