The benefits of casino apps instead of mobile browser versions

With the advent of casino apps in the past few years, it never was long before mobile betting apps hit our smartphones, and now there are plenty of great apps designed to bring Players more comfort and fun betting than ever. Although the emergence of this particular type of app was somewhat slow at first, primarily due to the extensive work that should have gone into rationing and regulating gambl...[Read More]

Is the Mobile App About to Get Knocked Off its Perch by the Comeback of the Browser?

For a long time, the mobile app was the smartest and most efficient way to play games, read news or shop online through the screen of a mobile device. But now, with the emergence of advanced technology for web browsers such as HTML5 and faster internet speeds, it seems as though the browser is set to make a return and tussle for top spot. Some are even speaking of the “death of the app,” and there...[Read More]

Dolphin Zero – Review

Dolphin Zero – Review I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why you would need a private browser. You want to look at anniversary presents for your wife, your worried about government agency’s watching your every move. But mainly this will be used by men, and for watching porn. It’s not the most PC reason, but lets be honest that’s what its going be used for. It can be...[Read More]

MightyText Adds Photo & Video Syncing for your Android Device

If you know any thing about anything, and specifically I mean anything about Android, you’ll know there are an infinite number of applications that will let you sync your photos and videos to the cloud. I guess you can’t have to many backups of backups of backups, ‘eh? Well, MightyText the service that allows you to send and receive text and mms from your Chrome browser or Androi...[Read More]

[UPDATED] Chrome for Android

Chrome, my favorite Android browser and probably yours has been updated today. See the cut/paste of the change log below. Then head on over to the Play Store and update your copy. What’s in this version: Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include improved text font clarity and stability fixes in addition to: 1. Improved scrolling performance 2. Increased responsiveness to pinch-zo...[Read More]

[App] Music Remote – Control Your Stereo With Your Android Device

One of the great things about Android is the ever evolving, open, and increasingly easy ways to connect everything we use on a daily basis. This has become a major selling point for the platform, and there are so many apps that lend to this. Some apps shine and actually make our lives a bit simpler; the way it should be.  For example, have you ever wished you could use your Android device as a rem...[Read More]

App Updated… Chrome For Android

    What’s in this version: Chrome for Android M18.1 This version update includes a number of security and stability improvements. Additional highlights -Location preference now integrated to system level Google apps location setting. -Youtube videos controls now work in full screen mode; videos continue playing after a screen lock/unlock -Fixes to make third-party IMEs work better...[Read More]