Google returns to funding cold-fusion experiments

Google, since 2015, has been involved in the funding of cold fusion experiments, a controversial science that involves the theory whereby the process used to power the sun, nuclear fusion, can produce energy at room temperature. The initial claim about cold fusion was made by two scientists nearly thirty years ago. They promised it could create an endless supply of energy however, the results of t...[Read More]

News: WebRadar Receives Funding from Qualcomm and DGF Investimentos

WebRadar, one of the leading players in Big Data Analytics and IoT for the telecommunications, energy and transportation verticals, announces a new funding round to support its global expansion and product development strategies. Qualcomm Incorporated – through its venture investment group Qualcomm Ventures – and DGF Investimentos answer, together, for the investment of around R$ 40 mi...[Read More]

Indiegogo: Cove An elegant home recharging center

Indiegogo: Cove An elegant home recharging center Griffin are a well established company, who we have reviewed in the past. They are going to be bringing a new product into the world, and I absolutely love the look of it. The Cove allows you to charge multiple devices, but enclosed in a beautifully wood-effect box. This means all the cables and clutter are hidden. Cove’s origins as a researc...[Read More]