Review: Zorloo Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable

Zorloo Ztella is a tiny USB-DAC with a high-end audio capability, supporting PCM up to 384K and DSD up to 5.6Mhz. We checked out the MQA version which includes a MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) renderer. Packaged in one of those resealable plastic bags, the Ztella looks almost identical to one of those USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapters that comes along with many Android phones these days. Howev...[Read More]

Review: CX-05 Noise Isolating Headphones with Microphone by Sound Intone

Would you you like to hear a little more about a new set of budget headphones? I’m sure you do. We don’t always want to buy the most expensive pair out there. Although, I’m sure you’d still like to know what others think of those unknown brands out there that are making a decent product or a good price. My Thoughts: So I received these CX-05 wired headphones by Sound Intone...[Read More]

Review: Lindy USB DAC & Headphone Amp

In our latest review, we take a look at the Lindy USB DAC & Headphone Amp     In our quest for better sound quality from devices, we look to external solutions that attach as peripheries to enhance our listening experience. Up steps Lindy with the Lindy USB DAC and Headphone Amp. You may be familiar with the brand already because we’ve reviewed a few of their products before he...[Read More]

Review: UBSOUND Fighter Earphones

When it comes to audio brands, new kid on the block UBSOUND may not be the first name you think of. This Italian company just released these Fighter earphones late last year – their first European launch which has recently expanded to the States.. We’re happy to now have the chance to check them out for ourselves so lets see how they stack up. Build Quality & Design Fighter are a pair of...[Read More]

SleepPhones Wireless – Review

SleepPhones Wireless – Review If you’re like my wife and enjoy listening to music in bed, then you’ll probably know how uncomfortable it can be leaning on your pillow and having your earbuds burrow into your skull. The SleepPhones offer a really comfy solution, with these soft headbands coming in both wired and wireless models. Allowing you to easily pair and listen to music, wit...[Read More]

Soundware SD50 – Review

Enjoy wireless phone calls and listen to music in stereo sound with the SoundWear SD50. Stylish and modern design suits any attire High quality audio sounds great whether listening to music or making calls Built in Li-Polymer battery allows for up to 10 hours music/talk time Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets and laptops Allows you to make or answer calls, even when listening to...[Read More]