Review: Toast Solid Walnut Universal Tablet Stand

American company Toast Inc. have distinctive wood and leather accessories for your gadgets that add a more natural feel than the usual materials like plastics and metals. Today we take a look at their Universal Tablet Stand that’s cut from a solid block of walnut. This stand comes packaged inside a small zip-lock style bag along with instructions and adhesive spacer strips. It has a simple d...[Read More]

Review: Moreslan 1.5M Monopod / Tripod

More than just your regular selfie stick, this highly portable monopod can also be used like a tripod by attaching it to a three-legged stand. Inside the cardboard box a drawstring carry pouch contains the stick, instructions, tripod stand, smartphone / table holder and clip-on Bluetooth remote. At about 1.25ft long, the monopod extends out telescopically to almost 5ft long. It has been made from ...[Read More]

TINYSTICKY The instantaneous car phone holder

TinySticky is a super innovative, double sided sticky pad made of high quality, non-toxic rubber.   There are plenty of gummy anti­slip dashboard pads out there, but TinySticky is the smallest, most versatile, super sticky pad there is. This 2×2 cm, double sided pad lets users attach small objects of up to 3 lbs onto any flat surface and it’s transferable and renewable. In just a few sec...[Read More]

Review: Lazy Arm – Flexible Phone Holder

The Lazy Arm by ThumbsUp is a long, flexible smartphone holder that lets you stay hands free while using your phone. It can be clipped onto most surfaces and compatible with most smartphones. When I first got the Lazy Arm I couldn’t think of any proper way to use it, then my wife tried to use it to watch a recipe while she was cooking and now she use it every time she follows a recipe. This way th...[Read More]

Bobino Phone Holder Review

The life of a gadget freak can be an untidy one, with cables hanging everywhere and expensive smartphones left in danger while they’re attached to a power socket. This phone holder from Bobino aims to help by providing a little shelf just below your power socket where you leave your phone while charging. Instead of having the cable lying around creating a trip hazard, you can wrap it around ...[Read More]

Cozybot Desktop Smartphone Holder

Here at Droid Horizon we pride ourselves in our honest, unbiased reviews. All traces of brand loyalty are put aside and we review each item for what it is, not what label it carries. However deep deep down, in every single one of our reviewer’s hearts lies a secret love. Even though sometimes our subconscious betrays us and leaves subtle hints here and there (such as the name of the site and...[Read More]