Review: BYBlight Pro F11-T Deluxe LED Flashlight Kit

At DroidHorizon we’ve completed a few LED flashlight reviews on the BYBLight brand. Most of which, when delivered were nothing more than a small brown box, with a simple light inside. They all have worked great and I love the designs of the products themselves, albeit, the packaging design always left a little to be desired. This is not the case, with this latest review unit I rece...[Read More]

Review: TopBrandBox LED Sensor Light

I’ve gotten the opportunity to play around with one of the offerings from TopBrandBox. In this case, it’s a small LED light, with a couple of features added to it, by adding a clever combination of sensors. In what I found to be slightly surprising, this light was actually useful. The light is seven and a half inches in length, and around three quarters in depth, and a little over one ...[Read More]

Review: BYB LED Flashlight Focus and 3 Mode 4 Pack

Are you ever looking for a flashlight and can’t find one? Or you have one but it buried somewhere in a room, in the back of a junk drawer, with dead batteries? One of the best ways to eliminate those scenarios would probably to buy in bulk! At the very least buy as a multi-pack. Like this item I have here, which arrived with 4 identical, small and handy LED flashlights from BYB. Upon opening...[Read More]

Review: BYB Mini LED Lantern/Flashlight

Have you ever been in need of a flashlight in a pinch? Something you can grab off the shelf or pull out of your backpack that you knew would to the job. Well here’s a nice little product that can illuminate your life in a few different ways. At a glance you would see this mini light as just another small LED flashlight. Nothing special, right? But take a closer look and you’ll see a sm...[Read More]

Review: BYBLight Stick-on Motion Sensor LED Light

Today I’ve got a small closet/cabinet ready motion sensor LED light that can be used virtually anywhere when a bit more lighting is required. Sometimes you’ll have to stick your head in the food pantry for that midnight snack, or possibly a trunk full of small boxes that was once held a fancy piece of tech, or a closet filled with photo albums on shelves completely unorganized, or, in ...[Read More]

Review: Aiho Humidifier

In our latest lifestyle accessory review, we take a look at the Aiho Humidifier.   We have something a little different on the review table this week, we were contacted by Aiho to give our verdict on their humidifier / oil burner / night light / multi-use machine. The wife and I love to cook, everyone knows that the smell of cooking meats after you’ve ate can fill the entire house which...[Read More]

Bolt High Top LED Shoes from Electric Styles Review

Review: Bolt High Top LED Shoes from Electric Styles Do you remember those light up shoes other kids had, but your mum always said you couldn’t? Well now you’ve got a job, moved out, and now you can buy your own pair of LED shoes. Electric Styles have combined high quality footwear with some additional LED flair. These are not only comfortable, they look cool and also have the added LE...[Read More]

Review: BYBLight Rechargeable, Cree T6 LED Flashlight

Over the next few months we plan on taking a look at a few types of light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights that can be purchased on a budget. Who doesn’t like LED’s or flashlights? Combine the 2 you often have a very useful product. Myself for example, I always have one in my commuter work car, my Jeep, the wife’s mini van, and various locations throughout the house. All of which...[Read More]

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