Review: Eachine E58 720p WiFi Quadcopter Drone

Along with their huge fun factor, drones allow the capture of aerial footage that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. For under $60 the Eachine E58 is an attractive little budget quadcopter with integrated 720p camera (a 1080p option is also available). Along with the mini-drone you get an instruction booklet, wireless controller, Micro USB charging cable, 2 spare 3.7V LiPo 500mAh batterie...[Read More]

Eufy RoboVac 11S and 30C Review

Eufy RoboVac 11S and 30C Review I have wanted a Robot Vacuum for a very long time, so you can tell how excited I was when Eufy decided to send me two models to review. The 11S is a reliable model and been in the market for a while. The 30C is a new addition and some added features make it a must-have. RoboVac 11S The 11s doesn’t use mapping technology to get around the place. It sort of bumps arou...[Read More]

Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera

Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera Reolink Argus is a truly 100% wire-free and battery operated WiFi security camera with the smartest PIR sensor. Traditional wireless security cameras provide video surveillance even when there’s no network cables. But for monitoring an area without a power outlet, a battery-powered wireless security camera like Reolink Argus is definitely the to...[Read More]

In Car Wifi Technology

The internet is still relatively new, but few people could ever imagine surviving without it. We are now connected to an unlimited source of information wherever we go. Smartphones all have sim cards which allow internet access wherever they have signal, but not all tablets do. As tablets are popular with kids, keeping them connected while on long journeys in the car is a top priority for many par...[Read More]

Review: LIFX Colour 1000 Smart Lightbulb

Review: LIFX Colour 1000 Smart Lightbulb The Internet of Things is a freight train which isn’t gonna stop. If you don’t have a household object connected to your phone, then you are just not a cool dude. LIFX are more than aware of this lifestyle choice, and have released their Colour 1000 variant of their LIFX smartbulb. Not only is it a good looking light, its also compatible with Ne...[Read More]