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The internet is still relatively new, but few people could ever imagine surviving without it. We are now connected to an unlimited source of information wherever we go. Smartphones all have sim cards which allow internet access wherever they have signal, but not all tablets do. As tablets are popular with kids, keeping them connected while on long journeys in the car is a top priority for many parents..

What is In Car Wi-Fi?

In car WiFi uses a special device which connects to the cigarette lighter in your car for power. There is a data sim card inside the device which connects to the phone network in exactly the same way as your phone. It also sets up a small local wireless network and works like your broadband router at home. This allows several WiFi enabled devices the option of connecting and surfing the internet.

Advantages of in car WiFi

– Only need one sim for multiple devices
– Cheaper than most phone data plans
– Can keep any WiFi device connected to the internet, even if there is no way to put a sim-card inside
– Charges from your car

Types of in Car WiFi

There are several different ways that you can get WiFi in your car. You can buy a mifi device from any network relatively easily. These normally have batteries and can be used anywhere they have signal. There are also dedicated car wifi devices available from certain networks. The most popular being the Buzzard from EE.

Contract or Pay as you Go

If you plan on using a lot of data in your car or while you are away from home then you might want to opt for a contract option. This gives you a certain amount of data each month for a fixed monthly payment just like a mobile phone contract. Most Mi-Fi and in car WiFi devices are free when on contract. If you only want occasional use, or you don’t want to tie yourself into a long contract then you can buy the device on pay as you go. When buying on pay as you go you normally get 2-6GB of data included, after which you will need to top up like a pay as you go phone.

In Car WiFi is a great way to keep multiple devices connected to the internet while driving. It is particularly useful if you have kids who are addicted to YouTube and social media and want to stay connected all the time. Not all mobile phones are able to support a 4g connection. You can look at a range of mobiles on credit which support the 4g connection on various catalogue or network provider sites.

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