Gaming smartphones – are they worth it?

The development of video games resulted in creating high-end PCs, laptops, and smartphones. The games which are released today require massive gaming computers: otherwise, it is very difficult to launch games properly and without crashes. Gaming smartphones has been a unique innovation as well. With a mobile device, we are now able to enjoy various games from shooters to sports. They contain decen...[Read More]

How to Secure Your Network

Every step of evolution comes with its own set of pros and cons, and security is no different. Network security has improved so much the past two decades, but in no way is any network invincible. And, as many security breaches have shown us, some think that networks secure themselves, with no input needed from the users. While yes, network equipment can up and running in a few minutes, it doesn’t ...[Read More]

Online Gaming – More Than About Money

Undoubtedly, the original charm of playing on an online casino is the money you make from it. An excellent source for earning profits, players can enjoy games they like that result in significant savings when done right, over time.  However, the online casino industry might have money as its backbone, but it also provides a different kind of amusement that appeals to people from all walks of life....[Read More]

Why mobile casinos are so popular in New Jersey

In just a little over 12 months, there has been a boom in gambling at mobile casinos in New Jersey. There are now over two dozen mobile casinos that offer their customers plenty of betting opportunities. Players have the chance to play ever popular table games, slot machines and the latest recruit, sports betting. It’s not a massive shock to see mobile casinos being so popular in the state of New ...[Read More]

Onboarding Applications That Can Boost Customer Engagement

Having an online business is a double-edged weapon. Sometimes it is far easier to have access to an entire world at the tip of your fingers, while other times it feels like you’re dealing with a robot and just need to speak to someone human for a change!  That’s why it is essential for onboarding to be as simple, direct and user friendly as possible to avoid losing the latter person who wants to k...[Read More]

What Players Should Really Look for in Casino Apps

Depending on where you are based in the world, you can be exposed to a lot of marketing for online casinos and their apps. Much of it puts the emphasis on the idea of the sign-up bonus, things like free spins and deposit bonuses that are designed to entice you to sign on the dotted line. Bonuses, of course, are important, and it’s crucial that you understand the terms applied to them (more on that...[Read More]

Huawei Mate 20 Launch Event Round-Up

We attended ExCel London on the 16th to hear Huawei’s new announcements and get a hands-on with their latest products. Along with three new Mate 20 series handsets, we also saw their new smartwatch and fitness band. Keep reading for a summary of everything that was announced… A HIGHER INTELLIGENCE: HUAWEI UNVEILS HUAWEI MATE 20 SERIES LONDON, United Kingdom—October 16, 2018—Huawei Cons...[Read More]

A Few Quick Tips About Android Auto Head Unit

With the best double din head unit in your car, you can unlock a whole new world of possibilities, providing a better experience, not only for the driver but even for the passenger. Not all of these head units, however, will deliver the same exceptional performance and features. While there are many options that are available, one of the best is a head unit that is powered by Android Auto, which h...[Read More]

Can you get addicted to online gambling?

The desire to become rich overnight is one of the main motives that push people into the whirlpool of excitement. However, casino owners remind that gambling establishments are, first of all, a variant of rest and entertainment, and not a way of earning. To play is only for that part of your budget, which you can afford to “painlessly” spend, not hoping for a win. By the way, for those...[Read More]

5 Great Company Marketing Giveaway Items

  The year 2017 is witnessing again the rise in the use of promotional items for marketing purposes. Various businesses are now using promotional items as part of their bigger marketing strategy- both in maintaining customers and attracting new ones. With tremendous innovations in technology, it is not surprising that gadgets and technological items are starting to dominate the promotional st...[Read More]

The challenges online casinos face to create a good mobile experience for the user.

  Dedicated mobile website Vs. Responsive design Getting the design of a mobile site right and maintaining a solid mobile presence is no mean feat. Webmasters need to ensure that there is a dedicated and usable mobile version of their website that is easier to navigate than a standard web page, this often involves using a reduced layout to save on data, a simple menu that can be used with onl...[Read More]

(Editorial) Social gaming epidemics.

Many people find themselves emotionally attached to their mobile devices as there they have their favorite games in social networks. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind it.   Benefits of playing in social networks Social gaming is on top these days attracting more and more players to participate. Gambling entrepreneurs are facing a lot of restrictions, like getting a license, while ...[Read More]