Can you get addicted to online gambling?

Can you get addicted to online gambling?

The desire to become rich overnight is one of the main motives that push people into the whirlpool of excitement. However, casino owners remind that gambling establishments are, first of all, a variant of rest and entertainment, and not a way of earning. To play is only for that part of your budget, which you can afford to “painlessly” spend, not hoping for a win. By the way, for those who prefer gambling without threat to your pocket, there is such an opportunity, as in slots and slot machines to play for free. This service is provided by almost all online casinos:
How to organize gambling in order not to become addicted to it

Psychologists are advised also to determine for themselves in advance the time that you plan to spend on gambling. Especially important is the control over emotions, which sometimes push the gamer to rash risks and stakes. It is better to stop on small losses than to lose everything and continue to strive to recoup. Some people consider the best medicine from gambling to be a rich real life, family, hobby. It is important to perceive the game as a distraction from everyday routine, a kind of rest, and then online gambling will become for you a source of pleasure, and not anxiety. Gambling machines constantly delight players with big gains and a fairly active gaming process. That’s why it’s very important to understand that only if a player perseveres during the game, he literally becomes very rich.

The slot machines form a new consciousness, which is different from the one that is formed in the player in any other game of chance. It is worth noting and the fact that the practical benefit, if you play online in slot machines for money is obvious – a lot of players every day becomes millionaires, and therefore you need to play actively, literally giving your whole soul. But do not forget that perseverance in the game for money is not always justified, because if you play too long, then the player just gets used to the dynamics of the gameplay, almost how a person gets used to nicotine in cigarettes, and therefore refuse further from the process of playing for money in virtual slot machines will not be able to.

How to control yourself in the process of playing online slots

  • Register and replenish account. A small amount of money will be enough. Check that the money has arrived and you can start;
  • Carefully study the rules for obtaining bonuses. If you need to win back, and you are not sure of your abilities, then refuse to receive. Begin only with your money to always be confident in your abilities;
  • Carefully study the selected machine. From your view, no point should go: the control panel, the percentage of return, the number of reels and betting lines, the availability of a prize round, special symbols and rules for their use, the availability of bonuses and much more;
  • Practice. Do not rush to start a paid game. After studying the description and rules of the game, run the Demo mode and check everything in practice. It is no different from a paid game except for the currency used. Get accustomed to control, get used to the speed of rotation of the drums and the loss of symbols. Remember how special characters behave, as it displays on the field the launch of free spins or bonus rounds;
  • Set yourself a clear goal. For example, say to yourself: “I want to win 200 rubles.” And begin. When you reach the goal, end the game and rest. Yes, the amount can be small. But you set a clear goal and achieved it. And this is the main thing;
  • Limit your losses. Before the game starts, decide how much money you can spend in the video slot without hitting the wallet. Start the game. When you spend the specified amount, also stop. You can go to another slot or just relax;
  • Arrange breaks. Play slots for hours on end – bad practice. Arrange regular breaks, for example, every 30 minutes. This will help you to always remain in a good mood and avoid unforeseen expenses.



It is necessary to note separately that the dynamics of the game process can be so active in gaming machines, which leads people to ruin. This is due to inexperience of the players, and also because players quickly lose their heads from small gains, and simply can not play money with sober thoughts in the future, because they simply can not determine whether they win or lose, in the black they are or not. Therefore, it is extremely important to always keep yourself in hand, even if the game is carried out at a fast pace, do not believe your expectations, but it is worthwhile to confirm them, that is, to strive to constantly earn on playing slot machines, not paying attention to bad luck or on what it’s a challenge. If a player loses money in the course of the game process, it is worth treating strategically the losses, and treating them as skilfull investments in the game for money in slot machines. And these skilfull investments will sooner or later give good dividends.

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