The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Roy)

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Roy)

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The apps we can’t live without


It seems the Droid Horizon team have a similar mentality when it comes to Android apps, where most apps getting removed after a while apart from a few core apps.  So these are my indispensable apps that always make it on my phone…

AdFree [root] – sorry developers, personally I can’t be doing with ads.  I never click on them, and if I do happen to take notice of one then I’m probably less likely to buy the product.  Again, if I like the app I’ll pay for the full version.

Cerberus – if I loose my phone, I can log onto the Cerberus website and locate it on a map, display messages, play alarms and capture photos, audio or video.

Diceplayer – great video player which I started using due to it’s capability to do hardware video decoding on my non-stock S2(software decoding is harder on the battery).  Works flawlessly and lets you watch in a small window while using other apps.

Doggcatcher – Android got me into listening to podcasts and while not the simplest UI, Doggcatcher is probably the most powerful podcast player.

Draft – this app lets me make plain text notes which are automatically synced with Dropbox, so I can also easily view and edit them when I’m on a PC.

Dropbox – despite having more free space available on other cloud storage solutions, Dropbox is hard to beat in terms of speed, reliability and integration with other apps.

Greenify [root] – hibernates selected apps when you turn your screen off, stopping misbehaving apps from consuming CPU and battery.

MDScan – takes a photo of your documents/letters and converts it to a PDF, so you can store it digitally and find it again when you need it.

RemindMe – as a chronically forgetful person I need to set myself reminders.  I know this functionality is already in Google Now, but this app’s quick and simple interface suits be better.

Tasker – currently set up to automatically mute my phone when I connect to the cell towers near work, and turns the screen off when I disconnect the power.

To avoid repetition I’ve left out Apex Launcher & Solid Explorer but just like Ste and Luke, these are my launcher and file manager of choice.  Will they make it on everyone’s list?  Watch this space.

Associate Editor and part of the team of gadget reviewers at DroidHorizon. Also been known to dabble in software development to pay the bills.

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