The Best Accessories For A Mobile Gamer

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Despite the many advantages and conveniences that come with the mobile platform, when it comes to hardcore gamers, things can get a little redundant. If you’re a mobile gamer still pushing around characters with your two, bare, unassisted thumbs, you’re probably growing sick of it. What you need are accessories, add-ons that can enhance the mobile gaming experience in not only gameplay, but versatility, ease-of-access, and reliability. Accessories that were designed to make the mobile phone feel like a gaming console in and of itself.

Enhance Your Mobile Gaming Experience

Without further ado, here are some mobile gaming accessories that enhance your mobile gaming experience.

  • Controllers – There’s plenty of room for improvement regarding today’s smartphones. Handling is one of them. Although touchscreen technology most certainly has its awesome benefits, it’s usually not the best when the game you’re playing, like a first-person combat or flight simulator, functions and feels better with traditional buttons. Two great examples of smartphone controllers are the Logitech PowerShell Controller for the iPhone, and the MOGA Pro Controller for Android models.
  • Headphones – One of the technical components of the smartphone that has traditionally received criticism is its speakers. They’ve improved with time and renovation, but are still rather tiny and wear-down with time and usage. A solid set of headphones or earphones will fix this no problem, as well as contribute to immersion. Perhaps consider some Skullcandy, a brand of head and earphones that’s known for its outstanding audio quality, youthful themes, and state-of-the-art technology, or a Mini Mi portable speaker.
  • Power Banks – Hardcore gaming chews up a ton of processing power, meaning the battery life of smartphones these days doesn’t seem to be getting any better. If most of your gaming takes place on-the-go, a remedy for this is a power bank, a unit of energy that can portably charge your smartphone. All you need to do is give the power bank a nice, long charge of its own, and it’ll last your smartphone hours more.


What about the Casual Mobile Gamer?

For the gamer that’s not so hardcore and prefers to indulge in the world of, say, mobile casinos via, purchasing accessories can still enhance your mobile gaming experience. Although a physical smartphone controller may not be exactly what you need, a power bank and a set of affordable earphones will still contribute to convenience and portability.

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