Top 5 Best Free Online Video Recorders For You

Top 5 Best Free Online Video Recorders For You

Screen recording is on the rise as online communication has become the norm today. Remote working is also one reason why it has become a crucial part of our lives.

Before, it was tough to record screens where you either had to pay for expensive software or use challenging tools. However, as time passed by, screen capture has been improving and becoming more user-friendly. 

The process of screen recording eases working involved in online communication. Online video recorders help create professional-looking videos without spending any money.

To capture your screen activities, the best way to do this is through online screen captures. 

Without any elaborate setups, an excellent online video recorder can complete your work efficiently. They come with advanced features and unique tools, which makes recording easier, functional and practical.

Here are Some of the Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Online Screen Recorder:

  1.   Video Quality

Most people believe that their recorded video’s quality is the same as what they see on the screen. However, this isn’t the case as each screen recorder differs by quality.

Thus, some screen recorders have standard quality while others can record up to 4K resolutions. So, you must always pick a screen recorder that does not record your videos in low quality and make you look blurry.

  1.   Audio Quality

Many screen recorders don’t provide the option of choosing an audio source and leave you to use your system audio. If your in-built audio is poor, it can affect the quality of your screen recording. 

It would be best if you chose a screen recorder that comes with additional audio components.

  1.   Device Support

Many screen recorders work for Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and many other devices. While downloading a video recorder, make sure it supports your device.

  1.   Video Editing

Editing videos is essential as they offer various tools such as trimming, adding watermarks, changing aspect ratio and more.

Several online screen recorders even provide effects, filters, and transitions and allow users to draw and insert texts in real-time. 

The editing tools in screen recorders help delete unwanted sections of videos as well.

After looking at these primary factors, you can choose a suitable screen recorder according to your requirements. We also have a list of the best and free online screen recorders you can select.

Each video recorder has unique features and differences in how they perform and their compatibility with your device.

The 5 Best Online Video Capture Software Suitable for Any Users:

  1.   Screen Capture

Screen Capture is perfect for beginners and pros and provides a wide range of tools, making it one of the best online video recorders existing today.

With screen capture, you can record both casual as well as professional videos. You can capture your entire desktops or just as a specific region, window or application. It also has a webcam recorder and an in-built microphone.

Screen Capture can record streaming videos, gameplays, webinars and more. Along with recording PC screens, it also captures videos on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

It is the easiest online screen recorder to use and navigate. Screen Capture is available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

Some features of Screen Capture include:

  •       Record microphone and system audio
  •       Supports separate webcam recording
  •       Exports in MP4

Pros of Screen capture:

  •       Easy to use online screen recorder
  •       Free to use
  •       Supports export in MP4
  •       High-quality videos 

Cons of Screen Capture:

  •       The free version puts a watermark on output videos
  •       The webcam options are limited


  1.   Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a screen recorder that allows users to record and share videos. It further helps edit videos by providing various editing tools. Hippo Video offers two editing options: Quick edit for beginners and Pro edit for advanced users.

The online screen recorder can capture videos up to 1080p resolution. It also has several markup tools such as highlight, erase, focus, add texts, and much more. Hippo Video can easily create a Chroma key or green screen effects for your video screens.

Hippo Video works wonders for sales and marketing teams and helps boost their visual content. Nevertheless, people looking to record their screens during webinars, meetings, and live streams can also use Hippo video and increase their productivity.

Some of features of Hippo Video include:

  •       Acts as a video and screen recorder simultaneously
  •       Has powerful editing options 
  •       Supports branding by adding custom logs and thumbnails
  •       Provides insightful reports on people who view and share your videos

Pros of Hippo Video:

  •       Easy and user-friendly interface
  •       A powerful video editor
  •       Free plans are available
  •       Available for many devices

Cons of Hippo Videos:

  •       Editing tools offered are basic
  •       Might glitch from time to time
  •       Slow load times for videos
  •       Limited customization available


  1.   Loom

Loom is a cloud-based application that allows you to record your screen with or without a camera. The online screen recorder is for people to perform their online communication efficiently with customers and co-workers.

Loom instantly records our screen, face and audio and prepares a shareable video in no time. With Loom, users experience ease in online communication by recording high-quality videos.

It also offers editing tools such as trimming, custom thumbnails and adds ‘Call to action’ to your recorded videos. While sharing videos, it provides a link that you can send to anyone.

Loom is available for Mac, Windows and mobile devices.

Some features of Loom include:

  •       Records screen swiftly
  •       Has editing options
  •       Viewers can react to your videos by adding emojis and comments
  •       Protects your videos through passwords

Pros of Loom:

  •       Easy to use for users working in the business or education sector.
  •       Creates innovative videos
  •       Easy to share videos 

Cons of Loom:

  •       Need to sign up to use the online screen recorder
  •       The editing options are basic
  •       Lacks video effects, green screen effect, and markup tools 


  1.   Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a web-based online screen recorder that captures screen activities, records videos and audio simultaneously. 

For screen recording, you can record the whole screen, select an area or choose one of the preset resolutions. The desktop recorder offers multiple recording modes and lets users annotate on the video in real-time. 

Without losing the quality, you can save the videos in multiple formats. Apowersoft offers customizable keyboard shortcuts for convenience and efficiency. 

Apowersoft online screen recorder is available for iOS, or Android, Mac and Windows devices.

Some features of Apowersoft include:

  •       Offers multiple recording modes
  •       Records screen and webcam simultaneously
  •       Edits videos in real-time
  •       Let’s users schedule tasks

Pros of Apowersoft:

  •       Easy to use screen recorder
  •       Highly customizable options
  •       Has a free version
  •       Supports several export options

Cons of Apowersoft:

  •       Need to install a launcher application before using the screen recorder
  •       It might not be suitable for gamers
  •       The free version has limited options for editing


  1.   Screencast-o-Matic 

Screencast-o-Matic is a lightweight and easy-to-use screen recorder that also supports a webcam. It is ideal for uploading quick videos by recording screen activities in standard resolutions. 

The online screen recorder offers many editing tools like zooming, trimming, adding captions and royalty-free music to your recorded videos. You can easily save and share the videos directly to social media platforms such as YouTube, dropbox or google drive. 

 The online screen recorder is available for Windows, Mac, Chromebook and IOS. 

Some features of Screencast-o-Matic include: 

  •       Offer three editing modes for education, work and personal 
  •       It has a mobile-friendly app 
  •       Free music tracks for recorded videos 
  •       Captures screenshots  
  •       Has stock images and videos  
  •       Provides secure backup options 

Pros of Screencast-o-Matic: 

  •       A reliable screen recorder 
  •       Free and user-friendly interface 
  •       Has various options for editing videos 
  •       Viewers can add comments to the recorded videos 

Cons of Screencast-o-Matic: 

  •       It does not work if you don’t have an internet connection 
  •       Does not record computer audio system 
  •       Cannot record videos in 4K resolution 
  •       The free version has limited editing options 
  •       Requires Java to run the application 

The Recommended Online Screen Recorder For You

While screen recorders are available plentiful in the market, the variety and features stand out from one another. If you want a sound screen recorder, we prefer Movavi’s Screen Capture as it is one of the easiest yet reliable screen recorders to use. 

You can download the free screen recorder by heading to Movavi’s website and start recording your videos straight away. 

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