Top 5 Senior-Friendly Android Launchers

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, which can be challenging for many people, including seniors. Fortunately, you can find simple phone options like these no matter your needs or technical chops. For more tech-savvy seniors, finding the right Android launcher is essential to make the process of navigating an Android smartphone simple. 

Grand Launcher

Grand Launcher is a great way to reduce the complicated appearance of an Android screen. The shortcuts are big and easy to navigate through. You can prioritize favorite apps, so they are quickly identifiable on your main screen. The font size is large and improves visibility significantly.   

Simple messaging and home screen

All items displayed on the home screen are large, and it takes no time to find and open photos, change settings, and send messages. The simple messaging app provides a toggle between numerical and alphabet characters, with enlarged font and screen.

The Simple Launcher

This easy-to-use Android launcher offers enlarged font and colourful, friendly app shortcuts that are easy to read without glasses. Some unique and noteworthy features of this system include the Control Centre, which provides all the settings and information you need in one spot. When the phone is locked, the volume cannot be adjusted, which can happen when you’re carrying your smartphone in your pocket.

Emergency feature

In case of an emergency, the SOS shortcut gives you access to your contacts to call for assistance. You can activate this feature by pressing just one button. The app is easy to find and download on Google Play.

The BIG Launcher

This Android launcher offers a fantastic interface of bold app shortcuts and widgets on your smartphone. You’ll have the option of hiding apps you don’t use often. One prominent feature of this launcher is the search tool at the top of the screen. If you need to find an app or item on your phone, this is an ideal system.

Enhance your phone’s features

You can download and apply the BIG Launcher interface to all your prominent features. For best results, you can download BIG SMS, Alarm, Notifications, and Phone to fully experience this launcher’s benefits.

Necta Launcher

This launcher for Android systems is ideal for seniors. Necta Launcher offers a large font, contrast colors for easy reading, and the SOS feature for emergency calls. The dialer and keyboard are enlarged, as well as the font and icons. While the color options are limited, the interface is easy to read and understand.

GPS feature

One important safety feature of this system is the GPS locator, which alerts someone where you are. This option is ideal in case of emergencies or staying in contact when needed.

The Safety Senior Phone

This safety-focused launcher is ideal for anyone who is visually impaired. The bright, bold coloring of the prominent apps and font is ideal for a user-friendly experience. Through the settings option, you can access many tools that are easy to read and navigate.

Helpful features

The Safety Senior Phone offers essential features to custom your experience on Android. These options include changing the layout of your screen and app shortcuts, a volume lock, and making your favorite contacts accessible.

The final takeaway

Before you consider which senior-friendly Android launcher is best, you can try more than one to get an idea of what works best for you. Overall, all launchers are simple to use and take little or no time to learn. There are plenty of great launchers available to handle all your everyday needs. 


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  1. These are all great resources! Have you heard of ONY Phone by SilverActivities though? ONYPhone is a really clean launcher with lots of extra features – plus it’s reasonable and easy to navigate. Arguably it’s prettier than a lot of the existing launchers as well, a lot less clunky looking!


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