Wally – App Review

Wally – App Review

wally main image Wally – App Review


Utilizing Google’s Material Design principals, Wally is meant to give you a perfectly fluid user flow with subtle animations and bright colours. For me, I really do think that’s the case. Yes there are one thousand and one wallpaper apps already available on Google Play but, I’ve yet to find another built so beautiful in design. As a writer, user and a guy that’s generally interested, I’m still learning what exactly the new Material design is. From what I can see in Wally, I feel I’m really looking forward to all applications following these principles. I instantly knew how to use the app, I got exactly enough information presented to me in one go and jumped right in to see what else Wally offered in just a few seconds. What more could you want?

 Oh yes. It’s a wallpaper app!



wally ss1 wally ss2


wally ss3 wally ss4


The wallpapers themselves actually get pulled from the very popular Wallbase, (http://wallbase.cc) You’ll find loads of different styles and sizes to suit, the search feature is what really stands out the most. I’m fairly sure you’ll find something you’re looking for or something similar. Now for a little honesty. Most of the results look dated and actually are. You can see from the added information that the wallpaper was uploaded 3 and a half years ago to 4chan. (As an example) Granted, you’ll find newer and you can add’em to your favourites. Not everyone changes their wallpaper and home screen twice a day, hey, that’s fine. 

Features include

  • Browse and save/set wallpapers
  • Filter wallpapers by time span, categories, resolution, and/or aspect ratio
  • Search by text and/or colour
  • Browse random wallpapers
  • Browse your saved wallpapers


Wally is about the app design. You’ll find some nice wallpapers upon searching but the foremost are the animations, status bar tint and Picasso the image caching and downloading image library.


Download Wally below;

link to Wally

Free and advert free.

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