Samsung HDTV Adapter Review

  Samsung HDTV Adapter Review   This adapter allows you to mirror the screen of your Samsung device to any HDMI compatible HDTV / Monitor.  Just plug one end of the cable into your Micro-USB socket, and plug the HDMI cable coming from the TV into the other end.  The adapter was tested with a Galaxy S4 which supports MHL 2.0 meaning it can be powered from the HDMI cable.  While the adapte...[Read More]

DroidHorizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review

  Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review     We’ve had the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 these last few weeks and we’re now going to share our thoughts on Samsung’s latest and greatest high-end smartphone. We’ll be breaking things up in to segments, so things don’t get too boring for you and we’ll try to keep things simple and from an end user’s viewpoint. Th...[Read More]

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