NOON – Review

NOON – Review

main noon

NOON – Review

This game landed in my inbox with the subject “FOR MILO, WHO HAS PLENTY OF TIME”.So being that I was in the doldrums at this point anyway I installed it to see what it was all about.  I quickly learnt that the game was about killing time, and phone screens. Nowadays we are used to almost impossible rhythm games and this game fits in that genre so much so that getting a score of 12 will get you 5,000XP!!!

I was instantly guilty of being addicted to this game, even though my high score is only just over 20 noons struck. So what makes this game different from the others? Firstly how good the game looks. It seems the Dev took a lot of graphical hints from Smash hit by Mediocre. Everything is always in motion, from the clocks to the background. Even the menu has the game there ready to play with the clock ticking away. The soundtrack is matched perfectly, being euphoric and mellow matching the beauty of the graphics. Something else that makes the game stand out is that you have four things to focus on, the screen is split into four clock areas unlocked as you go along. Once the game thinks you have mastered handling four clocks they start to move about, rotate, flip, and swap spaces with other clocks making it a nightmare to keep track of when NOON really is.

main menu


If you have mastered or given up on “PURE MODE” you can give the all new for android “ANDROID MODE” a go. This mode looks similar but you are trying to beat the timer. You start with 60 seconds to get as many NOONs as possible. With each successful NOON you get 1 extra second and each wrong NOON takes half a second away. Get a few wrong and this mode can end very quickly. Being that you get to watch those little droids getting dizzy, it makes it a fun mode to play in for any android fan. O the game also has full Google Play Services support so leader boards and achievements are waiting for you.


in game noon


IAP the second most hated initialism in the android realm (just behind IOS). This game only has one and that’s to remove the ads that appear sometimes at the end of a round. It will set you back by £0.83 but that’s a small price to pay for such a well made game. If you are a fan of rhythm games or a fan of games with androids in them then check out .NOON. It’s still in the 100-500 install range so you may even get to the top of the score board.


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