RE-VOLT Classic – Review

RE-VOLT Classic – Review


RE-VOLT Classic – Review

When I saw this game, it brought back memories of playing it on the N64. Sitting crossed legged on the floor and moving that little joystick around so much it left a mark on my thumb for a week. This is why before reading any reviews or comments, I bought this game as fast as I could.

Re-Volt has been released many times on different consoles: Xbox, Dreamcast and PC. Unlike previous re-release of games for android, the developers have not tired to re-invent or re-imagine the game, they have released the original N64 game that I played as a kid. This means that you get to enjoy the game without worrying about it being turned into a quick play and delete. This game brings back the difficult racing game which also means that you may be tempted to throw the phone down when you lose. Since Re-Volt was originally released I feel racing games have become a lot nicer to the gamers, they are easier in difficulty, lots of rewards and more simple streamlined track. I think this is why this game is good, because it brings back that difficulty you used to find in racing games.


The game is loaded with features, modes, cars and tracks. Even the options are extensive, and considering this is the first release for Android I am very impressed. Controlling your RC car in real life is very difficult, Re-Volt  manages to capture this challenge quite well, and sometimes too well. Getting stuck behind cars or balls, crashing into a curb and somersaulting are all done from the cars perspective. The controls are all touch based, and there are three different schemes. The first gives you auto-acceleration, and you steer by touching the left, and right side of your device. This works well until you get stuck, and want to back out. Backing, and breaking is done by pressing both sides of the device at the same time. The game helps slightly in steering you in the right direction when backing up, but it still feels awkward. I also found the top speed to be low when using this option and when testing the other methods I managed to get faster speeds. The other two options work in the same way with manual braking and acceleration.  You get either arrows, and buttons or dual virtual controls sticks. I personally found the arrow keys to be the most responsive. Whichever method you pick, resetting your car is same, and this is done by shaking your device.


With the almost unlimited amount of modes, tracks and cars, I found you can be playing this game for hours on end. Even something like getting all the stars on stunt mode is a challenge and a half. There is a championship mode which pulls no punches. If you fail three times to reach the top three you are out of retries, and the game is over. Standard time trials, and practise modes are also available. The presentation of the game is good, especially when you are racing. I did find the menu sometimes hard to navigate as you have to click on the text and would’ve liked some buttons to use instead. One key point to remember is that this is a port, so the graphics, sounds and music are the same as the N64 game, so don’t go looking for a polished racing game.


Re-Volt Classic is a true diamond in the rough of other generic racing games, giving countless hours of challenging racing, star-chasing and sometimes use of harsh language at the AI controlled enemies. The price is on the high end at £2.93. If you want a piece of gaming nostaligia that will challenge you to the very edge of sanity give this game a go.


Link for the game is included below:


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