Quiz Up – Review

Quiz Up – Review
Quiz Up Main 1 Quiz Up - Review

The world’s largest trivia game is finally available on Android!

Having been available on iOS first, the development team behind Quiz Up have launched their title on Google Play. 10 million players battle it out on a range of topics and use the built in social and share features to show how great they are on Facebook or Google Plus. ( Play Games Services features are built in for achievements and match finding. You can see how your friends stack up and what scores they get) Basically, the game lets you choose a subject then finds you a player of the same level to answer questions on. Points are award for every correct answer and the final question answered right will give you bonus points.

My personal stream on Google Plus is full of my friends sharing their scores and that’s actually where I came across Quiz Up. I’m sure this game is going to be the next big thing for a week or 2 so you may as well get in on the action too. That’s what I’m thinking anyway.

With the question categories being so vast you’d assume one would find a subject they’d be stronger in. We’ll go ahead now and list some topics that you can choose from. The game description mentions more will be added in the future but we’d be confident you’ll find something that you’ll be strong at.

  •  TV Shows: All the top shows, past & present.
  • Books: All your favourite bestsellers & authors.
  • Movies: Horror, Comedies, Actors, Directors, Famous Quotes & more.
  • Sports: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball & more.
  • Games: Video Games, Tabletop Games, Classics & more.
  • Music: Rock, Pop, Classics, Boy Bands, Hip-Hop & more.


And that’s only the popular choices!!

Free and ad free Quiz Up is a game you won’t be able to ignore for long. Facebook sign-in is also available if you don’t use Google’s social network. The developers want you to share your scores as much as possible, it’s free advertising for them and gets people interacting and trying to beat each other. This is a win win scenario for all.


Download Quiz Up below;

Google Play


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