Review: Rollerblade’s Macroblade 84 Alu inline skates

Sold by the company known as Rollerblade, I have recently purchased one of their sets of inline skates. In this case, it is a set known as the Macroblade 84 Alu. Using these over the past several weeks has been a very interesting experience for me, considering it’s a hobby that I haven’t done in nearly two decades, leading up to my purchase of this particular pair. I acquired them for ...[Read More]

Introducing New Fitness ‘Swim Coach’ From Speedo

Speedo International has launched ‘Swim Coach,’ a free digital coaching tool with over 200 workouts designed by elite Speedo athletes, coaches and collaborators to help fitness enthusiasts reach their fitness goals.   Swim Coach has been developed to improve fitness through swimming by providing free swim programmes for swimmers of any level, whether it’s for refining stroke...[Read More]

Review: The Pulse from Withings

Review: The Pulse from Withings Everyone should be aware they ought to be keeping fit and looking after themselves. This is easier to do with the plethora of gadgets you can strap, stick or attach to your body, to track every bit of information it can.  Developers have come a long way from the bulky, inaccurate pedometers of my youth. They have been replaced with smart gadgets packed with sensors ...[Read More]

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