118 118 Launches Innovative New Mobile App, Giving Callers a Better Deal

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An industry first new App offers unlimited calls & connections for fixed monthly fees of £2.48 and £4.98 respectively on a subscription basis by 118 118.

The UK’s leading directory enquiries service has launched the industry’s first mobile App that will offer unlimited calls and connections for fixed monthly fees of £2.48 and £4.98 respectively on a subscription basis. 118 118 Unlimited offers callers four free calls on signing up for the monthly subscription, and the App will launch on iTunes and Google Play app stores for Android and iOS phones with subscriptions paid by bank card.

“The launch of our App marks a milestone in the company, as we offer smartphone users a better deal to use our service. We see specific markets for our new app, for the elderly who need access to a lifeline at any time; for busy mums who need emergency numbers in a split second or their kids who they want to keep tabs on; for salespeople or anyone travelling a lot in their cars not in range of the internet; and generally, for business people or their PAs wanting a listing in a hurry.”

Says Peter Trott, General Manager of 118 118

The key advantage of the new mobile app, apart from its fixed monthly fee subscription for unlimited calls and connections is that it’s hassle-free as callers can access 118 118 services whenever they want, as often as they want. To sign up, callers simply create an account and choose their plan. Once signed up, callers with one click on the red button, 7 days a week, can make unlimited calls. At the end of each call, callers will find all the contacts requested in the app’s directory, which they can easily share with friends and family.

The App forms one of five service options for customers, giving people more choice and flexibility as to how they access 118 118, including:

  • A five star premier service on 118 118
  • A free-call number on 0800 1183733
  • One-off search option for a £1 flat fee
  • Free search on the 118 118 website
  • The new app for unlimited calls and connections for a fixed fee monthly subscription


As the UK’s top numbers brand and information provider 118 118 connects more than 8 million people every year in the UK with the businesses they seek.  Annually more than 700,000 people get the right bite to eat, 350,000 pet owners find the right services they want, nearly a million people the cab ride they need, and millions of people wanting every type of service and business imaginable get the right connection, simply by calling 118 118.

The top 10 categories callers asked for in 2015 were (in order) Hotels, Hospitals, Taxis, Pubs / Inns / Bars, Local Government, Banks, Central Government, All Restaurants, Car Dealers, and All Medical Practitioners / Therapists.

The appeal of 118 118 lies in the way it helps people who lead busy lives and are time poor who don’t want to wait. This core audience are typically smartphones users from 25- 45 yrs. old looking for a service that saves time and solves issues for them every day. Customers can call 118 118 and reach a helper in a couple of seconds without waiting, and 99% of the time get the correct answer, all within about a minute.

Customers calling 118 118 can also find out what’s on at the local cinema or train times at the nearest train or tube station and even be given directions to where they want to go. If customers call from a mobile, they will receive a text with the numbers they need for free, so they don’t have to scramble for a pen and paper.

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