Review: AILIHEN HD850 Kids Volume Limiting Headphones


Today we’re going to discuss headphones for your kid. So you’re sitting in the living room streaming your favorite movie, and your kid snuggled up next to you on the couch watching his/her favorite show on their tablet. For some odd reason, that little tablet is just too loud, so you turn up the TV volume, then your stubborn littles, decide to turn up the volume on the tablet playing that mind numbing cartoon you, yourself could recite, you’ve heard it so many times. Next thing you know you’re in a war of the dB’s. But as a parent, you well know, the simple solution is a pair of headphones…..for the kid, of course.

Fast forward to your Amazon Prime purchase of the AILIHEN HD850 Headphones. These could be the perfect solution for the battle!

First and foremost on us parents mind is the safety of our children. That’s where these headphone impressed me. They are volume limiting and adhere to the ‘Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety’ regulation. The HD850’s are tangle free wired and ear-on. Easily adjustable and are recommended for ages 3 and up, and as previously mentioned volume limited at a safe 93dB. Another interesting feature is the Share Port, where multiple headphones can be daisy chained, allowing multiple kids with multiple HD850 headphones, to listen/watch the same media on a single device. Great for those long family trips!

They are also very durable, bendable, and flexible. They can stand up to the abuse of at least a 6 year old, as I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks. Included in the HD850’s are inline audio controls, and a mic so your kids can answer that Facetime call from grandma. The sound quality is pretty decent, and on par for a 20 dollar pair of headphones. These headphones come in all the fun, eye popping, kid-centric colors you’d expect: Navy Blue, Purple, Sky Blue, Green, and Turquoise. Also included is a 30 money back, and 365 day warranty, giving those parents a little peace of mind.

I’d definitely recommend these AILIHEN HD850 Kids Volume Limiting Headphones to any parent that could use the occasional peace and quiet. Seeing how happy my little one is with her turquoise headphones, you can’t go wrong.




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