Cornerstone Shaving Set Review

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Cornerstone Shaving Set Review

Cornerstone is a shaving brand I have seen advertised around the web, and thought I wanted to see exactly what these guys could offer. They advertise as a Shave Club offering a subscription and delivery service, but also offer gift sets. I got the gift set to review which included an engraved metal razer, spare heads and scrub, gel and balm for after.

As I said this gift set comes with 5 shave heads, and a premium metal razor, so I was amazed to find they offer all this for £30. Looking around places like boots, most premium razors start from around £15 – £20. They even include high quality gels and balms, including a pre-shave scrub, shave gel and a balm for after. This is a UK business and all products are made in the UK, which is always a plus for me.

The razor is made of a aluminium alloy, which makes it durable, but also incredibly light. I also liked the little touch of having a flat bottom, so it can be stood on its bottom. There are 5 blades on the head, and they are incredibly fine, allowing for a smoother shave. The head is also flexible and throw in the aloe vera strip, and this was a great shaving experience.

The scrub is to be used before you shave, and uses volcanic sands! The scrub is meant to help prevent help release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin.. In testing I found this worked wonders and even used my old razor as a test and I had an overall better shave.he Shave Gel (150ml) blends eucalyptus oil with ginger extract to give a comfortable, irritation-free shave. It had a mint/menthol smell and feel to it, and it was quite refreshing. The post shave balm is blended with mint and honey extracts to soothe and condition. I found this gave a smooth long lasting sensation on my face all day.

This is an absolute no brainer, for only £30, you can get 6 razor heads, a premium razor and some great shave products.



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