DashNotifier Beta – Review

DashNotifier Beta – Review

DashNotifier Beta – Review

Dash Clock was for 4.3, what bacon is for men around the world. Since its release there have been a number of extensions for various apps, but not all the apps in your library. DashNotifier is here to fix this, this app works along side Dash Clock and allows you to set up custom notifications for any app on your phone.


DashNotifier is incredibly easy to use, once you have added one of the seven available DashNotifier slots, you are greeted with a menu to set up your notification. You tell it which app to use, which logo, title and a number of smaller settings including content and clear to unlock. For my testing I set up DashNotifier for Google Hangouts. They already had an icon for it in their gallery and it took a minute to complete the setup. You can use a logo from your own gallery if needed.


Once I had saved the DashNotifier and received a Hangout, it worked straight away. It displayed the persons name, hangout count and the content of the message. I can then click on the notification to open up the app itself. DashNotifier is great because it means you don’t have to install five different apps, for five different extensions. You get one app to rule them all! I can set up DashNotifier for the apps I want, and also means I save a bit of space on my phone.




Even thought this is a beta app, I had no problems with DashNotifier and it being in beta means, that only more stuff can be coming. As DashNotifier is currently in beta, you’ll first need to join the Google group – https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/115585480035899880126

You can then grab the beta from the link below:

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