Miggo Your Cameras Best Amigo Review

Miggo Your Cameras Best Amigo Review

Miggo are a big name in DSLR accessories. They do a variety of accessories for DSLR cameras, accounting for different sizes. I had a look at some of their items, and tested them on a Canon eos 40d I had around the office.

Strap & Wrap for DSLR

The Strap and Wrap is made from a two-layer neoprene material and features a zip that goes from the top all the way down to the camera mount. The zip is used so the strap can also work as a wrap for your DSLR. Once it is zipped up, with the camera attached, the whole thing can be folded over and protect the entire DSLR including the lens. This way you can carry your camera in a normal bag without risk of damage.

You can attach the camera to the Strap via the fastener with standard tripod threads, I was happy to see this was metal and not plastic. The long Strap is okay, but I found it hanged past the crotch area, and looked a little odd. I found the shorter strap a bit better to manage. The camera points to the ground. This meant then when I let go of the camera, it could hit my belt buckle.

I found it difficult to comfortably hold the camera with fingers underneath the mount. You can place fingers under the grip, but there are people who like to hold cameras in a certain way. If the fastener was on the top of the camera, it would solve the balance issue.

The Strap & Wrap from Miggo is $49.99.




Grip & Wrap for DSLR

The Grip and Wrap acts as a hand-mounted strap instead of a neck-mounted strap (Such as the Strap and Wrap). So this makes the Grip smaller, and makes it aimed at smaller cameras. The Grip has all the benefits from being mounted at the bottom, as the camera is to be held by hand, instead of hanging by my waist. It made it easy to take shots, the camera is protected and in my hand ready to go.

The only issue I experienced was with the lens cover, as it tended to get in way. I really liked the neoprene handle for carrying, which lets me pack it up and carry it like its own little bag. Overall, I was massively impressed by the Grip.

The Grip and Wrap from Miggo is $39.99.



Splat Flexible Tripod for DSLR Cameras

The Miggo Splat is tripod with a difference, as it’s made from a flexible material, it can allow you to place you camera on any surface and keep it straight. The Splat is made from silicone material with an inner flexible metal skeleton which gives it, its bending capabilities.

The connection to the camera is made using the brass screw at the top of the Splat. The Splats feet have a textured end to them allowing them to grip to any surface. The DSLR version of the Splat can hold around 1.5KG.

A great little feature is that the Splat is designed to be wrapped around the camera when not in use, and allows the camera to be carried around if needed.

The Splat from Miggo is $24.99.




All in all this is a good range that work really well together, so as a product line it’s a slam dunk. However, sturdier fixtures and a few words on the instructions wouldn’t go amiss.




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