Review: Omaker’s three port USB car charger


Omaker sells what they call “lifestyle accessories”. What they offer includes things that range from Bluetooth speakers, two lamps, two cables. This week, I’ve been using one of their USB car chargers. I’m home, I’m pretty fond of this thing.

The design and appearance of this charger is fairly simple. There’s No Frills to it, the entire unit is black or grey, with their brand name stamped on the end that is gray. It plugs into the Vehicles charging port, and it has 3 USB ports available, each one charging it over to amps. Whereas other car chargers that have tried out will add on other Futures, such as indicating how much charge the vehicle’s battery has at the current moment, this one merely conduct power from the alternator to the device. For me, that simplicity is appealing. The fact that it has three ports is also a boon. Beautiful, the ones that I have tried out either had one or two ports, and I was quite impressed to see one that does three devices, and does them all at that amperage.

In using this in my normal routine this week, I found that it would charge my phone, or keep it charged, like any other 2+ amp charger I’ve used. So regarding the Casual test, it did just fine. I was able to use Google Maps, stream audio, and so on, while having my phone drop off the car’s power. I didn’t notice any aberrant behavior in its ability to charge. I also left the phone alone to charge, while letting the car run, for 20 minutes, to see how much it would charge, while it was the only device using the charger. The battery charge it had at the time that I started was 41%. After 20 minutes of charging by itself, the phone was at 56%. I then charged it for the same amount of time, while my tablet and a set up Bluetooth headphones were also drawing off of the charger, along with the phone. I gave it an additional 20 minutes with the aforementioned set up, and it went from 55% to 70%, on the money.

On the whole, this device is simple, and that it only does one thing. It charges other devices while in the car. And fortunately, it does that one thing well. It doesn’t offer Frills, or any extraneous features that might get in the way of, or distract from its purpose. If you’re looking to charge any number of devices up to 3, I really think you should give this car charger a serious look, since charging multiple devices doesn’t seem to hamper its performance at all. So in light of its Simplicity, and reliability, I’m giving this a 10. Short of adding more ports of the same amperage, I don’t see any fault or place to improve upon this product. It just works, and this will be my daily charging device in my car for the foreseeable future. For the remainder of this month, those who purchase this car charger from the United States will be able to apply the following coupon code to save $2 on their order: EUPE2QB2


This is a supplimental link for buyers in the UK:



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  1. Another 10/10 you’re going soft in your old age lol

  2. What’s the size of the car charger?

    • In what regard? It fits into the cigarette lighter, and has three USB ports (not type C). Are you referring to its length?


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