Smash Hit – Review

Smash Hit – Review
Smash Hit Main Smash Hit - Review

Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, move in harmony with sound and music and smash everything in your path!

Mediocre Games, the team behind Granny Smith, have released a new Smash Hit title that we’re sure will be just as successful as it’s predecessor.  Stunning backgrounds and a real depth of field set this game apart from anything we’ve played recently. A title that certainly grabs your attention in it’s design, with a want to beat your high score. Always a great combination, if you ask me.

In a first person style you travel through this mystical environment and the idea is to smash as much glass as you can. You’ll need quick fingers and be  able to judge distance with trajectory to hit the objects. The feel of the game is where things really stand out when playing. The metal balls you throw have a certain weight to them and they bounce like you’d really expect them to. Mediocre have got this absolutely spot on here. The distance and drop when aiming far away is very real-world. A high polish and physics have really been worked on here, we applaud that!

An endless runner type game too, because once you run out of balls the game ends, then your high score is judged on how far you got and how much you smashed on the way. I actually read somewhere, a long time ago, that visiting  a bottle bank for recycling  is a great way to relieve stress. There definitely is a certain satisfaction of hitting the targets here, we’d also like to mention the audio soundtrack that runs in the background is perfect for the setting and the samples used for the breaking glass sound effects are perfect.

We have provided a short game play clip on our YouTube channel for our readers to get a sense of what the game offers before you download. Smash Hits is free without adverts, an In App Purchase is available to re-start from last checkpoint and so on.



Download Smash Hit below;

Google Play

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  1. Where is the version of Smash Hit for Windows Phone? Windows 8?

    • No idea. None of our team own Windows phone.
      Sorry to be unhelpful. 🙁



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