Stack Exchange – Review

Stack Exchange – Review

Stack Exchange – Review

If you have never heard of Stack Exchange, I will wait for you to Google it……ITs good isn’t it!? Each site is a community of like minded people, built to encourage people to ask questions and answer them. Reputation and badges are earned by giving helpful answers and comments. There are over 120 different communities (and growing), such as programming, server management, android, travel, and even anime. I have been an avid contributor for a while and have always thought they needed a good app. So I’d like to introduce the new Stack Exchange app.

Stack Exchange - Review

Each site/community can feel like they are ages apart, but this app brings them all together under one interface. Like Stack Exchange, in the app you can sign into your account using Google, Facebook, a Stack Exchange account, or any OpenID provider. You can though skip signing in, if you want to just browse.

Once you’re in, it’s easy to switch between pages or jump back to your own personalized feed using the Navigation Drawer. Most of the major activities are supported, including voting, commenting, asking questions, or posting answers. You also have an always visible notification count in the corner, much like G+.

This app boasts a wealth of features:

• Track all your interests in one place with the new combined feed view
• Get instant notifications when you receive an answer or comment
• Search for questions, or browse by tag
• Ask, answer, comment and vote on questions

Stack Exchange - Review

For a first release Stack Exchange looks great, and (like the current trend) is following the Android design specs closely. There was a mistake on the first release of this app, so the GET_TASKS permission will be removed when the next version is uploaded. I have been using this app for well over a couple of weeks and haven’t had a single issue.
Stack Exchange - Review

For people unaware of Stack Exchange, I can see this app being pretty pointless. But think of it as having 120 different groups of people in your pocket. These guys know their stuff, its not like 4chan, its groups of professionals and people that know the topic at hand. Get on this app, help people out or just get a question answered.

Download Stack Exchange below:

Play Store

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