Review: Vadiv WL02 Sleep Aid Alarm Clock Light

The Vadiv WL02 is a rechargeable alarm clock / LED table lamp that has been specifically designed to help you get to sleep and gently wake you up again. At around 7” wide and under 5″ tall it has a round design with a white plastic base and translucent plastic lamp shade. The LED clock and controls are on the top with a speaker and Micro USB power port on the base. It also comes with an inst...[Read More]

VQ Monty Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Clock Retro Radio Review

VQ Monty Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Clock Retro Radio Review When cooking we tend to like to have the radio on, or we grab the Bluetooth speaker and connect it to our phone. The Monty from VQ is the all -in-one solution we didn’t think we needed. This plays DAB and DAB+ station, FM and also works as a Bluetooth speaker. It has an awesome retro look with the wood and grey felt on the speaker....[Read More]

My Alarm Clock, Android App

My Alarm Clock turns your Android device into an alarm clock that sings your favourite tunes, a bedside clock with gorgeous themes and current weather information, and a sleep timer that lulls you to sleep at night! Apalon Apps have published another useful application that’s been well reviewed already. If you want bells and whistles, we recommend downloading the free version first, then, wh...[Read More]

Holo Text Clock – Review

Developer’s description Holo Text Clock; Holo Text Clock displays a grid of letters, of which some are illuminated. Read out, they form a sentence describing the current time in five minute intervals, for example It is five past ten. Four lights at the bottom indicate the minutes to be added to get the exact time.   After reviewing a few apps and games recently, that, to be honest, had a ter...[Read More]

Edge Clock- Analog Widget – Review

EdgeClock is a simple, modern, dichromatic analog clock widget for those who like to tell time on the edge!  — adj 1. Also: dichroic  having or consisting of only two colours   Either long-press on an empty space on your home screen, or go to the Widgets tab. Select EdgeClock (or EdgeClock Inverted), and resize* to your liking!. As the title suggests, a simple analogue clock widget for your homesc...[Read More]

DashClock Widget, Review

DashClock is a replacement lock screen clock widget for Android 4.2+. It also exposes additional status items called extensions. The widget comes bundled with extensions that give you instant access to: • Your current local weather, • Missed calls and unread text messages, • Your next calendar appointment, • Unread Gmail inbox or priority inbox conversations, • Your next scheduled alarm, Built for...[Read More]