6 Ways to Use Cell Phones for Learning

Having cell phones in the classroom is often frowned upon and remains one of the most contentious issues in education. When students started carrying cell phones to class some years back, many educators came out and voiced their opposition to the move.  Since then, we have come a long way, but many teachers still view cell phones as deterrents to education. While there is a good reason behind this...[Read More]

Benefits Of Learning About Information Systems

  In this age of non-stop digital innovations, careers in the field of information and technology continue to make an impact on businesses and society as a whole. The younger generation born into this age of technology that’s about to take a step into colleges and universities can have a bright future with a degree in information systems. If you’re interested in choosing an information system...[Read More]

Top 5 Books for PHR Practice Test

There are various resource materials that are available for your preparation for the PHR certification exam. The https://www.prepaway.com/phr-exam.html is designed based on standard HR principles and there is no one single preparation method that is ideal for every test taker. Whatever your preferred preparation method, you can be rest assured that there are different materials that will meet your...[Read More]

Kickstarter: Lairytales: A wickedly wonderful way to learn

Kickstarter: Lairytales: A wickedly wonderful way to learn This is a great idea, to help children read and become more social. I really want everyone to have a read of this Kickstarter and pledge some money to help it come to fruition. So I’ll leave you with Ali, Kieron and Dan, and their idea to help children read and learn. The Lairies and Lairytales Lairytales are app and book-based stori...[Read More]