Litera Teams with Google Cloud to Bring Professional Document Comparison to G Suite

Google is enhancing G Suite with new capabilities for the Legal Industry       Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle solutions, has collaborated with Google Cloud’s Suite product team to introduce Change-Pro’s professional document comparison technology into G Suite. This is part of an initiative to enhance G Suite for professionals in the legal industry.For...[Read More]

25 Random Thoughts Of A Professional QA Tester

Quality Assurance engineers are some of this world’s most sarcastic, mischievous, curious and ingenious people on the planet. They always double-check facts; none of them trusts a statement without additional proof. Their job and, probably their calling are to break software into pieces simply to see what will happen if… So what’s going on in their heads?  Our team at was cu...[Read More]

Lexar Professional 1800x 64GB UHS-II microSDXC Memory Card Review

Lexar Professional 1800x 64GB UHS-II microSDXC Memory Card Review With 4K showing no sign of slowing down, Lexar have decided to develop a new microSDXC that can reach 1800x or 270 MB/s. This is part of their professional line up which has always been a sign of professionalism and craftsmanship. We are looking at a 63Gb model, yet it is also available in 32 or 128Gb sizes. The UHS-II means that th...[Read More]

Artificial Intelligence Could Put an End to Professional Gamers

I’m old enough to remember the shock waves created by Deep Blue’s victory over reigning chess champion Gary Kasparov back in 1997: everyone knows you need a giant brain to play chess and the world’s best chess brain had been beaten by AI; it was as if that supercilious symbol of AI, Kubrick’s HAL, had arrived in town and was about to put us all in our place. Except that wasn’t the case at all, bec...[Read More]

(Sponsored) Common Signs You Need Professional Electrical Repair

Common Signs You Need Professional Electrical Repair   Electrical issues and the need for repairs is not something that should be ignored. If your electrical system is damaged, then it can affect the entire ability of your household to function properly. While more modern homes have a number of safety measures in place, the fact is that electricity can become extremely dangerous if you do not...[Read More]