25 Random Thoughts Of A Professional QA Tester

Quality Assurance engineers are some of this world’s most sarcastic, mischievous, curious and ingenious people on the planet. They always double-check facts; none of them trusts a statement without additional proof. Their job and, probably their calling are to break software into pieces simply to see what will happen if… So what’s going on in their heads?  Our team at was cu...[Read More]

New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

 New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free? In the news locally again… “Parents seek legal advice after daughter spent over 100 euros on their iPad.” Look at our main image too. That’s some real scary money to be throwing at a mobile game. The Tinfoil Hat Brigade reckon that the big developer studios actually leave options like this in games so...[Read More]

Google Play, commenting and feedback – Editorial

Google Play, commenting and feedback I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why but I very rarely leave reviews on Google Play. I honestly don’t know why but from today, I will be more keen to. I’m sure most Google Plus users have seen which apps/games/icon packs, I’ve plused. I usually just do this after I download whatever it is I’m looking for but if it turns out not t...[Read More]