Beldray Compact Vac Lite Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

Housework isn’t everyone’s favourite task. So when something comes along that makes it easier, then this can only be a good thing. Due to the size of the droidhorizon offices. I am short of storage space, which means, this small, compact and lightweight Beldray vacuum is a perfect choice. At 700 watts, it provides powerful cleaning with a large 2-litre bagless dust capacity and a brill...[Read More]

RollaReleasa Review

RollaReleasa Review I have a Vax hoover, which has a roller brush. I have found when I started living with my wife this is a lot more hair and threads on the floor. This means that the hoover will get this wrapped around the roller head. It got so bad that I ended up buying a henry hoover and put the Vax in the cuboard. But I have found a way to give it new life and thats the RollaReleasa! The Rol...[Read More]

Why A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For A Clean Home

We are not so far in the future that we have a fully fledged robot running around the house doing all our chores; however, thanks to a large amount of robot vacuum cleaners that are on the market right now we do at least have one product out there that is making our lives a lot easier. More and more people are getting interested in purchasing a robot vacuum for the home and it is easy to see why. ...[Read More]

Electrolux Launches Pure i9 Robotic Vacuum in the United States

Electrolux today announced the U.S. launch of its award-winning Pure i9 robotic vacuum cleaner, with a revolutionary design and game-changing technology that takes the quality of autonomous cleaning to a new level.       The Pure i9 will be brought directly to U.S. consumers through cutting-edge online sales and marketing channels. Working out of a newly established innovation hub i...[Read More]