Why A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For A Clean Home

Why A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For A Clean Home

We are not so far in the future that we have a fully fledged robot running around the house doing all our chores; however, thanks to a large amount of robot vacuum cleaners that are on the market right now we do at least have one product out there that is making our lives a lot easier. More and more people are getting interested in purchasing a robot vacuum for the home and it is easy to see why.

These little guys can help you keep your house clean and also they are now more affordable than ever before. While there are robot vacuums at all points of the pricing spectrum, I have noticed that an abundance of lower priced ones are starting to appear on the market, many of which have features that make them comparable to some of the more expensive ones.

As well as testing various robot vacuums the last few years, I have also personally been using one in my house for around two years and I want to share with you why these little robots can be a great weapon in your cleaning arsenal! You can read reviews of the latest robot vacuums in the following article – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners: 5 of the Top Automatic Helpers [2018]

You Can Tell Them When To Clean

Now, this does depend on the model that you have. But this feature is becoming more and more common in robot vacuum cleaners. The idea is that you can program it to clean when you want it to clean. So if you are at work all day, you can set it so that it will clean at 2 PM each and every day. It really is a neat feature to set it off cleaning and not have to worry about it.

A Robot Vacuum Can Get Into Those Tough To Reach Spots

Let’s be honest, there are those areas of the living room or other parts of the house that we tend to ignore more than we actually vacuum. Under the sofa, the very edges of the room and so on. We tend to do this because using a standard upright vacuum is a major pain when it comes to these areas.

A robot vacuum can get under tighter spaces; it can go right to the edge of a room and get into nooks and crannies that your upright vacuum struggles with. You will no longer have to worry about an army of dust monsters building under your sofa.

They Make Overall Vacuuming So Much Easier

Most people will use a robot vacuum along with their standard upright vacuum. What I mean by this is that if you set your robot vacuum to clean once or twice a day, when it comes time to do your weekly dust and dirt busting vacuuming, you will notice it takes far less time, thanks to the robot vacuum, keeping the house in check.

Sometimes, I find that I am even able to skip the odd week of vacuuming thanks to the job my little robot friend does….. and yes, you do start to see your robot vacuum as part of the family! I read a study that said that a robot vacuum cleaner can save the average household two hours of vacuuming a week, that is how good they are!

You Can Tell Them Exactly What To Do

I know I already said that you can program a robot vacuum cleaner to have a cleaning schedule, but one feature that I think is really cool is spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is a mode that so far each and every robot vacuum cleaner I have tested has had some kind of version of a spot cleaning mode. What this does is makes the robot vacuum focus on a particular spot. For example, if one of the kids has knocked over their bowl of cereal or if the dog has dragged a load of dirt in. Instead of having to get on your hands and knees and take care of the mess yourself, you can get the robot vacuum to take care of that particular spot.

Robot Vacuums Are Designed To Be Easy To Use

I know that when some people hear the word “robot” or “program” that they may think one of these is a little bit too technical for them. That could not be any further from the truth. I have used robot vacuums that come with their own remote and ones that require you to use an app on your phone.

Both types are very easy to use and I will be honest and tell you that playing around with the settings is a huge part of the fun of having a robot vacuum cleaner in your home. So do not worry, you do not need a Ph.D. or need to be friends with Scotty from Star Trek to get one of these up and running.

Some Modes Can Be Used With Your Phone

This ties into what I just said, but some robot vacuums (they tend to be the slightly more expensive ones from what I have seen) connect to your smartphone via an app. What is cool about this is that as the robot vacuum is controlled via Wi-Fi, you can set it off from pretty much anywhere.

So if you are out and about and have forgotten that you have the in-laws coming round after work, but you have not had time to clean, you can get your robot buddy to give the living room a quick going over.

Robot Vacuums Are Very Smart

While they may not be able to help with your child’s homework, the modern robot vacuum is incredibly smart. I have yet to come across one that does not have sensor technology that prevents it from falling down the stairs or from repeatedly slamming into a wall.

One other really neat feature is the way that they know when it is time for charging. Instead of you having to charge it, it will make its way back to the dock and charge itself. It is really useful, plus when you see this actually happen it is quite amusing.

They Are Far More Powerful and Sophisticated Than You Think

One of the most impressive features of a robot vacuum is what is underneath them. Some people think that there is just a suction device that goes around and sucks up anything that gets in its way. However, there is far more going on with a robot vacuum than just that.

While they all do of course have suction, there is also a powerful brush roller and also many have side brushes to help pull in more dirt and dust. So there is a whole lot going on to make sure that your home is nice and clean.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a great tool for a clean home because it makes your life so much easier. It enables you to enjoy life more and not have to waste a few hours each week vacuuming! I think that a robot vacuum is a worthy addition to any home.

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