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If you love gaming and would like to get the most out of your PS4 then the right gaming accessories are going to go a long way in helping enhance the way in which you play.

So, what are the best PS4 accessories out there and which ones should you consider investing in if you are the ultimate gamer who wants to truly enjoy your favourite games on the platform? These are a few to consider.

Gold Headset –
This headset is the premier headset, and won’t set you back too much money either. The Bluetooth headset has a built in mic, it has built in noise cancellation capabilities so you only hear your game, and the ultimate virtual 7.1 surround sound can’t be beat by any other gaming headset available today. You can also use preset audio buttons based on the type of game you are playing to further enhance game sounds, volume, player voices, and other gaming features as you play.

PS Camera –
Another one of the best PS4 accessories is the playstation camera. You can stream your game live as you play, stream Youtube videos and other streaming services, choose player personalities and profiles so other gamers can see you the way you want to be seen as you play, and personally add your own style as you play. When others can see your face and reactions as you play, this truly enhances the gaming experience and makes it far more enjoyable for you as well as others you play with or against.

Grip-it Stick covers –
These analog stick covers are another great accessory for you to consider investing in as a gamer. Even with light usage on the analog sticks it seems the rubber piece has been breaking off, chipping, or cracking on many devices; this is the ideal fix, a quick fix, and is far cheaper than investing in a new analog stick each time you see the rubber piece coming apart a bit. The covers are cheap, come in many styles and colour varieties, and you can play at full intensity levels with them on the analog stick without having to worry about the damage to the joystick.

With several gaming accessories out there, you want to make the most out of your ps4 gaming enjoyment. With these accessories you can enhance play, enhance the gaming experience, and truly get the most out of your favourite games, regardless of how intense of a gamer you truly may be. If you are exploring the idea of purchasing a PS4 you can find brilliant deals online. Some retailers offer a variety of purchasing options from buy now pay later to spreading the cost on a PS4, check out for more information.



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