What’s Better for Gaming: A PC or a Laptop?

What’s Better for Gaming: A PC or a Laptop?

Over the past many years, desktops have been the best device for most gamers. But nowadays, the tech markets and laptop manufactures have witnessed a great increase in sales of gaming laptops. 

Initially, laptops were viewed as elevated word processors but not as tools for gaming.  However, this situation has intensely changed.

Gaming laptops have now been improved to ensure that they deliver a great gaming experience. 

Although the two devices are appropriate even for hardcore gamers, they differ in some ways. 

Thus, debates have started arising among gamers on whether to use a desktop or laptop for gaming. Laptops can now compete with desktops in terms of gaming experience.

If you are in a dilemma on whether to buy a laptop or a PC for gaming, you should be aware of certain things. 

Here are the essential things to consider when choosing between a laptop and PCs for gaming;



  • Portability


A gaming laptop will easily fit in your bag. If you are the kind of gamers who like moving around with their gaming machines, then a laptop is a perfect choice.

Laptops are usually small and thinner as compared to desktops. You realize that even the heaviest laptop is lighter and smaller than desktops. 

You will feel comfortable carrying your gaming laptop in any place, for instance, in tournaments, at work, and so on.

Desktops on the other hand are less portable as they come with several external wires and peripherals. So, taking them to different places can be very difficult. 

Therefore, if you are much concerned with portability, a PC will not cut it. You should go for a quality gaming laptop. 



  • Performance


The GPU and CPU performance of gaming laptops is a bit lower than that of PC. This is because a gaming laptop has smaller and fewer components than those in desktops. 

Desktops also allow for a bigger room for the components to breathe to avoid overheating. Overheating may slow down the device while playing. 

Laptops on the other hand have less airflow as their components confined. For pro gamers, the performance and speed of a computer are very important. Hence, most of them prefer PC to laptops for gaming.


  • Peripherals


A gaming laptop comes with in-built components such as keyboard, touchpad, screen, and battery.

This means that when you have the most powerful gaming laptop, you won’t have to spend on extra components. 

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the in-built keyboard or touchpad, you can buy a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse to enhance your gaming experience. 

With a PC, you can be able to replace various components to ensure that they suit your gaming needs. For instance, you can exchange a regular mouse with a gaming mouse.

Therefore, customizability in gaming desktops may be better than that of a laptop. 



  • Affordability


Normally, gaming laptops come at a higher price than gaming desktops. After all, portability is pricey.

A premium gaming laptop may cost you a double price of a complete gaming desktop. You might also need to buy a gaming keyboard, mouse, or even a monitor. 

However, some laptops, especially the lower-end ones can be cheaper than a complete gaming PC.



  • Upgradability


Both gaming laptops and PC can be upgraded. However, this works better in PC than in gaming laptops. 

The main components of a computer cannot be upgraded easily. Nonetheless, some gamers prefer to buy cheap computers and then upgrade certain things like RAM, motherboard, and storage later.  

So, what wins? In this scenario, we can’t say that there is an objective winner. The fact that a desktop offers a great performance does not mean that it’s good for everyone. Hence, ensure that you choose what satisfies you more.

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