Why Are Mobile Casino Apps So Popular This Year?

Why Are Mobile Casino Apps So Popular This Year?

Any good online casino, as well as having a main site, will also make available a strong mobile casino in order to keep attracting customers.

Tons of casino apps exist for smartphones and tablets, meaning gambling on the move is more popular than ever. But why has it taken off in such a big way in 2020?

Well, the reason is simply that during a time of unprecedented global struggle and with many unable to work, travel or socialise, internet gambling has reached a new peak. On top of this, given the great technology available on Apple or Android devices, why would gamblers bother to power-up a laptop in order to play?

We look at the key reasons apps have become so popular this year in the gambling niche and our writer here, Jacek Michałski, has shared some of his thoughts on mobile apps as well as many other gambling subjects.

The Advantages of Mobile Casino Apps

For the gambler themselves it is ultimately about the thrill of winning money. The developers know however how important it is to have a great platform, as pointed out by DroidHorizon, in order to keep people coming back for more.

The speed of the action, the electronic gameplay and the instant cash-out features mean that a casino app is often preferred to a land-based casino. Considering also that Poland and many other places have been in lockdown for large parts of the year, it is sometimes the only option.

Some of the best mobile casino apps for playing slot games in Poland have proven to be hugely successful this year, brands like Vulkan Vegas, for example, taking advantage of the situation.

Here we look at why playing a casino on your mobile may well prove to be the only way to gamble for most of us, long after the global shutdown is over.

They’re Fun and Convenient

The biggest reason behind the global success of mobile casino apps is that they are fun and exciting. There is no dress code, no travel needed and new games can be added almost every single day.

Both old favourites and brand-new titles can be accessed instantly on apps created to acknowledge the range of different mobile devices we all use.

The accessibility of this sort of gambling content is now such that, once you have registered your details, you can play games across a whole host of formats without the need to switch your tech or your chosen site.

They’re Secure

Playing in a land-based casino and winning potentially means carrying cash around with you, a big no in the modern world.

However, after some teething problems in the earlier years, it is widely thought that now playing via apps is the safest way to go and especially when casinos offer a cryptocurrency option.

The latest technology on smartphones means your details stay very secure while transferring funds to, and most importantly from, your betting account can be done safely and securely using a fingerprint or facial recognition which cannot be faked.

You Could Win More

True, in the old days you may have had to jump on a plane and head to Vegas to attempt to win one of the famous progressive jackpots.

These days, however, playing via a mobile app essentially connects you to players all around the world meaning everyone can contribute to the progressives, making the jackpots huge and keeping them winnable from the comfort of your front room.

For some players, they also get access to mobile-only bonuses which help boost potential winnings, especially on slot games.


Mobile casino apps are the thing of not just the present, but the future also. They have taken a big step forward in 2020 largely due to many of us being locked down in quarantine and unable to visit a real casino but one thing’s for sure – they are here to stay.



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