HTC One Otterbox Commuter Series Case: Glacier – Review

HTC One Otterbox Commuter Series Case: Glacier – Review


HTC One Otterbox Commuter Series Case: Glacier – Review

I was very happy to hear that OtterBox, the maker of some of the toughest smartphone cases around is releasing a series of cases for the HTC One. Initially OtterBox will be rolling out two different types of cases, the Defender Series and the Commuter Series both keeping my new HTC One safe from scratches, dents and the elements. This new case has three layers of protection, a hefty polycarbonate shell, a silicone layer covering the outside of the case and a easy to apply screen protector.

My preference is to not add too much bulk onto my phone, so the Commuter series was a great choice as it is slimmer than the Defender series. I found the case didn’t add too much weight to the phone, so it still felt light. The outer shell still allowed the phone to slide easily into my pocket, so didn’t cause any issues with general use. I had used another case before and found the volume buttons very hard to use, with this case I didn’t, they are part of the silicon shell and are very easy to use. A great part of this case is the silicon port covers, there are two that cover and protect the audio and usb port. This is a great addition as it means you don’t risk getting dust or fluff into any of the ports. After a couple of days you stop noticing the case completely as the design merges in with the general look and feel of the phone. The grey and white colours match with the silver design of the phone, on first impressions it looks like it got made along with the HTC One.

IMAG0021[1] IMAG0022[1] IMAG0023[1]

This case was very easy to put on, I actually found it harder to get it out of the box. You first put on the grey silicone “jacket” and then you clip on the white polycarbonate shell. The back of the case adds enough protection that the camera is now embedded into the shell, meaning when the phone is on its back the camera is no longer directly on the surface. One annoying part of the HTC One is that the shape of the back means the phone rocks when its being used, this case stops it completely and now means the phone is secured on the desk. The grey shell also adds protection to the front of the phone, meaning when its on its front, the screen is now off the desk and the silicon shell stops any adverse movement. The back also has a different texture meaning it has a bit more grip on it, the back of the HTC One is quite “slippery” so any grip is a good thing.

Overall I think the protection this case offers is based completely around the phone itself. The brand new ultra pixel camera, is now in the case so is protected. The full HD 1920 x 1080p display is now protected by a silicon border keeping it directly off the table of desk it does on. The imported USB and audio ports are now protected by silicon covers, and the smooth rounded back is now flat and can be gripped easily. This case finds any protective faults found on the HTC One and protects them 100%.


– Exterior shell is slick enough to easily slide in your pockets
– All buttons and sensors are fully functional through the case
– Silicone plugs provide access to all ports
– All microphones are fully exposed for call clarity
– Case allows for the use of camera and flash
– The Commuter Series case for the HTC One provides added protection against drops, shocks and dust intrusion but is NOT protective against water.

– Clear, self-adhering screen protector prevents scratches
– Silicone inner layer absorbs bumps and shocks
– Polycarbonate outer shell protects the device from impact


I was a bit worried that as its a new phone, the case may have some issues with fitting it on, but these worries have disappeared as it fitted on perfectly. I now feel this phone is protected and don’t have to be so protective over it. Its a very special case that can make your phone feel protected and the Otterbox Commuter Case does this 100%. You can get it now from our friends over at


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