Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox

Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox

Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox

I have tested a number of cases for my M8. This week I was pleased to receive one from Otterbox. This time they have sent their latest case for the M8, the Symmetry case. This case is Otterbox’s attempt on offering as much protection as possible while concentrating on style.

The packaging is as sleek as the case itself, and I could probably write a whole review about Otterbox’s packaging. But looking at the case it combines what a lot of people think are best about a case, the protection of a commuter series case with the style of a slim and sleek case. The case comes in just one piece, which means attaching it and removing it from the phone is done in one easy movement. The material inside the case is made of a synthetic rubber which is good for absorbing the shock from drops and Broadchurch cliffhangers. This is the same material that is found on the first layer of the Commuter Series. The material outside of the case is made of a hard plastic. The combination of the two, in one piece of case, means the bulk is reduced and allows you to “snap” the case on and off.

$_57 (2)

Once my M8 was in the case I noticed there was a slight edge to the case, meaning I could place my phone on its front and it wouldn’t touch the surface. The volume rocker has now been replaced by a rubber volume rocker poking out the side. The SD Card slot is completely covered unlike other Otterbox ranges. The top of the device is covered except the power button and some of the IR bar. There is a big enough space around the power button for even the chubbiest of fingers to access it without worry. The bottom of the device is open for the headphone jack and the microUSB charge/sync port with a little bit of cover between the two. The back of the device has the two camera ports and a microphone opening. There is also the Otterbox logo at the bottom on the back.

$_57 (3)

I was expecting the same sort of bulky Otterbox case, when this arrived and I have to say I ate my words. It’s one of the most sleek, well-made and comfortable cases I have used yet on my M8. The Symmetry series feels like a part of the phone, and almost as if it should’ve been included as standard. It gave me a secure feeling of knowing my device is protected while showing off the sleek shape of the phone.

$_57 (1)

I have used many cases on my M8 and found this one to be the top of my list. I only had to hold it in my hand and I knew this would be my daily driver. Check out the Amazon link for the Symmetry series which now come in Black, Glacier (white and grey), and Teal Rose in stock for £21.59.

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