Archero – A Great Smartphone Game You Should Never Download

Archero - A Great Smartphone Game You Should Never Download

Mobile phone gaming is a rather delicate topic. On the one hand, you have hardcore gamers who grew up playing various titles on numerous different consoles. From spending thousands of dollars on powerful and expensive PC configurations to buying next-generation consoles and large TVs, tons of people are taking gaming very seriously. To them, anything that can be played on a portable smartphone is immediately disqualified from being a proper video game. On the other hand, more and more people are starting to disagree. Not just that, but major developers and publishing companies are now regularly creating and shipping out mobile games to an ever-increasing audience. There are all sorts of titles. With a decent smartphone, you can play anything from a quiz game or an idle clicker to a full-blown MMORPG, a real-time strategy, a first-person shooter, a racing game, and more.

Still, with all those big names being thrown around, plenty of smaller companies, unknown to the mainstream public, who focus solely on mobile gaming, are pumping out the most downloaded and played titles. That’s how we get to Archero. Simple and intuitive at first, there’s a reason why this shooter quickly rose to its immense popularity. With over a million reviews, tens of millions of downloads, the game holds a steady 4.5 rating on the Play Store with a PEGI 3 rating. It also possesses the Editor’s Choice badge, meaning you’re getting the real deal. Now, the game itself is a fun one. Both gameplay mechanics and graphics alone aren’t the reason not to download the title. As a matter of fact, you’ll have a blast playing Archero the day you download it, as well as in the following week or two. It’s like a collection of sex games on JerkDolls, you’re suddenly presented with a ton of options.

There are multiple heroes to choose from. You can level both them and various gear up to progress through different stages of the game. The design of maps, assets, characters, and enemies is compelling. On top of that, simple game mechanics ensure a low barrier of entry. The difficulty slowly starts to increase with your progress and by reaching future levels. That, however, is where you’ll start running into issues. After a week or two of playing the game, the player will reach a point where it says they’ve gone further than the 99% of the player base. That’s a signal that the vast majority quits by then. For starters, the difficulty increase is far from linear. One level will be a breeze, and the next will require months of grinding. And it’s not like a gay porn games category where you can find a different title to pass the time. Instead, you have to play the same thing over and over before you’re through. Archero, the rewards are minuscule; there are numerous ads, bugs, and glitches. Overall, either play for a week and uninstall or don’t play at all.

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