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Ryan is married with two kids, and loves heavy metal and super hot Buffalo wings



Review: Plugable Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case

For the last few days, I have been using the Plugable Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case. I’ve use a few of these in the past year, so I’ve had some experience with them, and was delighted at the opportunity to try out another one. Here’s how my experience has gone, so far. I want to say at the outset that this keyboard has a lot going for it. The design of this keyboard is pret...[Read More]



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If you have several mobile handsets that need charging at night, check out this review

For the last few weeks, I have been using a power strip for charging my devices. It’s not your typical power strip, with a single, long row of outlets to plug in to, but is both shaped differently, as well as functions a bit differently. For starters, its shape is a square-ish. It’s off white and gray in color, with a matching switch on one side for operating the breaker. Lastly, there...[Read More]



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Review: CHOE QI Wireless Charging Pad

Before reviewing the CHOE QI  wireless charging station, I had no experience at all with wireless charging; effectively, I am coming in to this with a clean slate. To be honest, I had high hopes for what it would be like. This review will cover not only the device itself, but also touch on what I was hoping for. In some ways I am impressed with the technology, and disappointed in others. In light ...[Read More]

(Editorial) why Google’s attempt to migrate Gmail users to Inbox concerns me

Google is no stranger to email. Gmail is one of the most widely used email services on the web, and has been for several years. Google is also no stranger to tinkering with things, whether it’s self driving cars, social networks, or sending a Nexus phone into space, they’re not afraid to yet something new. Their most recent experiment has been with email, known as Inbox, which was firs...[Read More]

Review: Hopsooken backpack

Hopsooken makes gear for travel. Their line includes a backpack, neckpouch, and money belt.  I’ve spent a couple of weeks with their 30L backpack, which seems to indicate that their line is good for travel, in that it’s collapsible into a small pouch, water resistant, and light. I haven’t spent time with a backpack in a couple of decades, so at this point I’m pretty close t...[Read More]

(Editorial) Why Android Wear 1.4 has me excited for the future

Back on November 11th, Google updated Android  Wear to version 1.4. There were a couple of updates that included the removal of the battery stats and the graph that projected how long the battery would last (I am missing that graph already), along with the addition of cellular connectivity. It’s this latter point that I’m discussing today. According to Google’s official Android b...[Read More]

Review: Floatify

Floatify is an app that enhances user control for incoming notifications. Released by Jawomo, this app offers granular control of your interactions. It accomplishes this by duplicating the popup notification you get, and overlaying the stock one with a redundant one that has behavior and appearance that can be customized from within the Floatify app. I’ve been using it for the last several w...[Read More]

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