Bad Hotel – Review

Bad Hotel – Review

Bad Hotel – Review

If you have ever wanted to be Basil Faulty then now is your chance with, Bad Hotel. In it, you have to build your hotel level by level, and protect it for the hordes of attackers. This is primarily a castle defense game at heart, and offers similar gameplay to others in the same genre. Aim of the game is to build high and fast, protecting it at all costs.

Developer Lucky Frame employs a very unique method when it comes to music within the game, each room has its own pitch and sound. This means building a hotel creates a soundscape that’s completely unique each time and quite enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend using headphones while playing.

The graphics are delightful, using a flat 2D effect. The biggest issue I found, is with the touch interface itself. The levels require specific placement to complete, which most times is difficult to do. You tap and drag the square rooms onto the playing field, to surround and defend the central hotel building rectangle. When the square rooms are placed, they do tend to interact oddly with each-other. What was originally a simple drag to place control scheme quickly becomes me trying not to throw my phone across the room.

Besides this odd controls, Bad Hotel is a great game to look at and listen too. You can enjoy this game for only £1.49, grab it below.

Download Bad Hotel below:



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